Why I Am A Crappy Mom

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One of my favorite blogs to read is Life with Levi. I love her spunky attitude, her fun posts and that she gives it to you straight.

After posting this photo on her Facebook page Monday, a huge – and sometimes nasty – slew of comments followed. This picture was meant to celebrate the fact that all moms are different, and that it is okay to parent the way that works best for your family. Instead it turned into moms bashing other moms for not sharing the same beliefs as them.

So Jen decided to write a post documenting all the ways that she is a “crappy mom” — and she encouraged others to do the same!

So here it is… all the reasons that I am a Crappy Mom:

  • I let my kids dress themselves every day… even if they never match.
  • I co-slept with V until she was 2.5 years old.
  • I only co-slept with E for 8 months …. but he still sleeps in my room in his own bed. And sometimes in my bed still.
  • I let my kids jump on the bed and the couch.
  • I let me kids fix themselves snacks …. any time of the day.
  • Sometimes I yell.
  • Sometimes I yell a lot.
  • My kids have drawn on the walls, floor and furniture … but I still let them have crayons.
  • My children have many pets.
  • I used cloth diapers with E… for about one week before I gave up.
  • I sometimes sneak a snack for myself because I don’t always want to share.
  • I will put my kids to bed super early on days when I really need a break.
  • I have never let my kids cry it out.
  • I breastfed V exclusively until she was 3 months old. Then I supplemented with formula and continued to nurse her at night until she was 18 months old.
  • I breastfed E exclusively until he was 16 months old.
  • Sometimes we have snack foods for dinner.
  • I let E eat sugary cereal when V is at her dads.
  • I do not vaccinate my children.
  • I do not believe in spanking my kids … but I have come very close to changing my mind!
  • I hug and kiss my kids many times during the day.
  • I like to get my kids special treats when I go out shopping.
  • I make them try at least one bite of everything on their plate before they can get down from the dinner table.
  • We leave the TV on for most of the day.
  • I let my kids watch Twilight and Harry Potter.
  • My kids have heard me swear.
  • I let my kids eat popcorn and chew gum.
  • E has not been circumcised.
  • I love my children like crazy and tell them constantly.
  • We make forts using all of the blankets and pillows in the house.
  • I put my kids in time out.
  • I let the kids run in the house…. even though I yell at them not to, I don’t really enforce the rule.
  • I am a total push over when it comes to my kids.
  • My kids know they are loved. They are happy, healthy, secure and confident.

I love my kids like crazy, and I feel so blessed to have them in my life. I am thankful for the opportunity to be their mother every single day. I stand by the decision that I make for my kids, and I am proud of the amazing people they are growing up to be.

Being a parent is hard work.

There is no one right way to parent. We need to support one another regardless of our differences.


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  1. 1
    Jessie Wermager says:

    Thank you so much for writing this! Amazing what a little honesty can do – and you know what? If you’re kids are happy, healthy, secure and loved – thats all that really matters.

  2. 2

    Hi Jessie
    Wow that was quite a stir caused by the photo. And that’s a really cute post you wrote:0 And I know you are really a great mom! And yes parenting is hard and no one is perfect and I dont believe in Mom bashing, and we all have different cultures and religion and child rearing practices. But I do believe and the research supports my clinical findings, that there are “better ways to parent” to prevent emotional problems in kids. And I always feel sad that parents resort to defending what they are doing instead of consulting with a child expert or reading the research on what actually works best for kids. Parents can benefit in learning about the feelings hiding underneath their child behavior or overeating because most of our children’s behavioral problems are a backwards way of telling us how they feel . We need to teach them new skills , new solutions and a better way to cope with emotions because the research shows that Emotionally healthy children: Are better learners, Have fewer behavior problems,Feel better about themselves,
    Are better able to resist peer pressure, Are less violent,
more empathetic
    Are better at resolving conflicts, Are less likely to engage in self-destructive behavior (drugs, alcohol, teenage pregnancy), Have more friends,Have better impulse control, Are better able to delay gratification, Are happier, healthier and more “successful” And isnt the above what how we want our kids to turn out? So the bottom line is, I am suggesting as a child psychotherapist to add emotional Intelligence training to your already busy list of parenting things to do:) Thanks for posting jessie:) http://listentomeplease.com/