What a Week!!

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What a week!!

I had a bunch of plans for this week (I wanted to bring the kitten in to the vet for her check up, go to the supermarket, aimlessly shop at WalMart, swimming at my Gram’s!), and unfortunately, I have been stuck in the house.


Well, a recycling plant caught fire, leaching radiation and hazardous chemicals into the air. Everyone within a 15 mile radius of the plant has been advised to stay inside.

Yup, you guessed it — we are within 15 miles.

I am sure that the ramifications for this will be huge in the area (it was located in a primarily farm area) and I can only image how far the reach will be.

Jay and I have been talking about what steps we can take to reduce the impact this fire might have at our home. One of the main things we discussed getting was an air purifier. We have been advised to not run the air conditioners (and it has been so hot!) because they don’t want us to run the risk of pumping the polluted air into our homes. But I am sure that it is already contaminated to some extent.

We have been looking all over for quality purifiers, and have found a few that look like they would work for our home. We have been really interested in of the air purifiers from IQAir, as they look like they would fit our needs perfectly.

We still have some talking to do, but I do think an air purifier will be in our future. This fire has me super stressed about air quality, that is for sure!

Do you have an air purifier? Have you ever lived anywhere that a recycling plant has caught fire?


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