Top 10 Reasons I Love My MiniVan

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We have had our Toyota Sienna for about a year and a half now. I will be the first to admit that I was not the biggest fan of being a “minivan owning mom” … in fact it rated right up there with owning Mom-Jeans and repeating the annoying things my parents used to say to me.

So far – I have done two out of three … at least I think I have only done two of these things that I am willing to admit {I may or may not have a pair of Mom-Jeans somewhere in my home.

BUT they aren’t as horrible as I thought they would be. I always smile when I tell my kids the same things that my parents used to say that would drive me bonkers {for example: when I would ask “what’s for dinner?” and they would reply “Food”, to which I would say “what kind” and I am sure you know the answer … “The kind you eat!!”}

And I really love my minivan!

There are many, many reasons that I love it, but I have narrowed it down to just 10 :)

  1. It can hold EVERYTHING!! I tend to keep a very messy car {Jay has on occasion called me a car-slob} and my van can really hold it all. From kids to clothes, toys, water bottles, extra purses, mail, boxes, coffee cups … you name it and it is probably in my van. Even better, there is still room for more!! 😉
  2. It is a super smooth ride. Prior to owning my minivan I drove a sporty little car. Yes, I loved my Honda, but man was it bumpy! You felt every little pothole, uneven spot of pavement and twig that you drove it. Not in my van … I have {accidentally} jumped curbs, hit mammoth potholes and even ran over a small branch with ease.
  3. Snow cannot stop me. I am terrified to drive in the snow. Yet, I always have to {thank you Northeast home state!}. Thankfully, the minivan doesn’t really slip or slide around too much. It gets through most of the nasty weather with ease, and definitely helps calm me down when I do have to go out in the snow. I feel much more protected by my large vehicle then I ever have before!
  4. I get to sing the “Swagger Wagon” song  in my Swagger Wagon whenever I am feeling down, or silly, or happy, or just because! This song is awesome. Beyond awesome. I absolutely love it. I sometimes hum it absentmindedly, and the video always makes me laugh.
  5. It’s gold!! It’s a pretty color, and it sparkles in the sun {yup, I pretty much love anything that sparkles}
  6. I got a great maintenance plan when I got my van. Free oil changes and stander service for the first two years – thank you very much Toyota!!
  7. I fit in with all the other moms at my daughters school. I know, I know. This one is kinda petty … but true. Before the minivan I was the only mom in V’s preschool that did not drive a minivan. I kinda felt left out, and my car felt tiny when it had to park next to the “big kids” in the lot.
  8. Other drivers don’t cut me off as often. It’s a fact – since driving a bigger vehicle, I don’t get cut off as often on the highway, or in parking lots, as I did with a two door car. And I like it!
  9. Many people can ride with me! My Sienna can seat 8 people, a few dogs, and maybe even a cat or two. Really – it has tons of space inside {remember all that junk that’s in it from reason #1?!} and there are tons of different seating configurations. It is great for when we want to go to dinner with family and don’t all want to take separate cars, or when we go trick or treating… everyone just piles in our car! It will be really nice for when the kids are a bit older and each one wants to bring a friend to things.
  10. It is so super COMFORTABLE!! The seats are like fluffy clouds. We test drove every single minivan on the market and none could compare to the cushy feel of the Sienna. We have taken super long trips in this van and Jay and I have both been impressed with how nice it is. No back aches, stiff legs or soreness after being in the car for multiple hours. A huge plus in my book!

Well, there you have it. My top 10 reasons for loving my minivan! :)

Do you drive a minivan? Do you love it?

{This post is brought to you by: And you totally should! I love my Swagger Wagon!!}

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