The Smart Bunch Electricity Adventure

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Lately I have been really thinking about homeschooling V. She has not been wanting to go to school at all, and I am getting sick of the daily battle to get her out the door and on the bus. Part of my hesitation in homeschooling her is that I am so worried that I won’t know the answer to a question that she has.

But I have been researching. Doing tons and tons of research to be exact.

Around the same time that I starting looking into homeschooling, I was sent a copy of the ebook: The Smart Bunch Electricity Adventure to check out.

I have to say… it really opened my eyes to the great resources out there for not only homeschooling families but all parents with question filled children.

We have talked many times about the electricity and the power going out this summer. We have had a series of thunderstorms and have been lucky thus far to have not lost our power.

I really like that The Smart Bunch explores a variety of sources of electricity: wind power, water power, batteries, and nuclear power. The book was easy for kids to understand, and was a great starting place for conversation about power, lights, and alternative energy sources. The kids, V especially, really enjoyed watching the ebook and we had a great talk about electricity afterwards.

I was impressed that she was able to name so many different things that ran off of electricity, and that she came up with some interesting questions of her own about electricity. It has inspired a trip to the library this weekend and hopefully further learning for both of us!


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