Best. Shirt. EVER…

It’s a shirt … It’s a dress …. It’s a skirt…. It’s a Sakura Convertible Mini Dress from Henkaa!! And I am in love with it. Really and truly in love. *sigh* I have worn convertible dresses before, and I have found some of them to be hard to style and {occasionally} unflattering. Not this one. Henkaa convertible dresses are different. They are soft and silky, but not clingy – which I love. They are very flattering and super comfortable. {Read More}

Best Shoes EVER!

I love shoes. There. I said it. It feels like a serious confession, but I guess it isn’t too shocking. I mean, most women love shoes (don’t they?!). While I love shoes, I tend to have a very hard time finding new shoes and styles that I like. Boots – no problem. I could pick up a new pair every time I go to the store. But flats and heels are a totally other story. When I first saw the {Read More}

Alegria Shoes {Review and Giveaway} (CLOSED)

I love shoes – I always have been a shoe person. As I grew up, my biggest disappointment when shoe shopping was that not many stores had the “cutest” shoes in my size (I wear a 10) and the ones that they did have were never really comfortable. I found Alegria Shoes, and was immediately taken in by their great looking shoes and the claim to provide “comfortable shoes”. I knew that I had to find out for myself. I {Read More}

Blue Platypus {Review and Giveaway} (CLOSED)

My wardrobe is in a desperate need of an update. I am wearing shirts that I have owned for over 5 years, and the last time I bought myself new clothes, I was 6 months pregnant. That is a terrible confession to make, but it is so true. I can always find something “better” to spend my money on, and it always ends up being something for the kids, house or family as a whole. I have decided that I {Read More}

Cover Your Hair {Review and Giveaway} (CLOSED)

Between myself and V there are drawers of hair accessories in my house. From bows, to hair clips, pony tail holders, hats and headbands – if it is for hair, we probably have it! Because of our (slightly obsessive) love of hair accessories, I was so excited to find Cover Your Hair – they offer something for every hair type and every age! I have been eying a few of their new spring arrivals, and I have to say that {Read More}

Hatley Store {Review and Giveaway} (CLOSED)

I am a huge hoodie fan – I have been for as long as I can remember. Each year, I get my kids a few zip up hoodies, as well as a few pull over one. I pick up one or two for Jay, and then I struggle to find some for myself. It seems that my local stores just don’t carry a wide selection of women’s hoodies – thank goodness for Hatley! They offer great hoodies – both pull {Read More}