My super crazy life!

I have had such a busy past few weeks that I have had little time to do anything more then take care of the kids and sleep. This time of year is always super busy – school is ending, there is tons of yard work to do, plus all the preparations for summer fun. In addition to that, we have still been sick (E had strep and a stomach bug, and V had a 48 hour bug) and it has {Read More}

Wordless Wednesday {4/13}

I think he liked his stir-fry… LOL

Wordless Wednesday

My beautiful daughter, dressed in an ankle length dress, enjoying our first days of Spring… on her 4-wheeler!

The First Signs of Spring (FINALLY!!)

Here a few pictures that I took when visiting my mom this past week. It looks like spring has finally come to her house, and she already has some flowers blooming! The kids had a blast walking around and looking at everything. This is the first time that E has been able to play outside (unless you count the snow – but we had soo much that he could hardly walk in it without falling!) and he was having so {Read More}