Katie’s Charms {Review and Giveaway} (CLOSED)

I have been a fan of Pandora Style Bead Bracelets for a few years now. I have always wanted one. The only thing holding me back was that it would cost me so much to get a full bracelet. By the time I stumbled across Katie’s Charms, I had given up on my hope of building my own beautiful, bead bracelet. Thankfully, that has all changed! Katie’s Charms offers a huge selection of beautiful Pandora style beads, charms, and bracelets… {Read More}

Vanessa Quijano Jewelry {Review and Giveaway} (CLOSED)

I love jewelry. I always have. Even as a little girl, I have always felt the need to accessorize. Once I became a mom, I found it was a lot harder to wear some of the beautiful pieces that I loved. For my sanity, and to preserve my jewelry, I took a break from wearing more then earrings. After my long break from one of my favorite accessories, I was thrilled to find the unique pieces at  Vanessa Quijano Jewelry. {Read More}

NewDayNewDeals.com {Giveaway} (CLOSED)

For all you bargin’ lovin’ Mama’s out there I have a great new site to introduce you to! NewDayNewDeals.com is a brand new site that will offer fantastic deals for those awesome baby things you were going to buy anyways! Why pay full price when you can pay a fraction for that super hot, must-have baby item?! What is NewDayNewDeals.com? NewDayNewDeals.com is a great place to find a fabulous deal.  We don’t have a bot that scours the internet for cheap things {Read More}

Listen to Me, Please! {Review}

I have a very strong willed 4 year old. She wants to be the adult – the one in charge, and experiences her emotions and feelings in a very strong way. I love that she is so passionate about her hobbies and games, but it is really a struggle sometimes to talk to her about things and figure out how she is really thinking. My Feelings are Hungry, by Ava Parnass, with Rebecca Parnass, is a fantastic book for teaching {Read More}

BloomCircle {Review}

I am a self proclaimed makeup fanatic. I love to try the latest products, and I am constantly trying new colors, brands and products. My biggest problem – I don’t have time to go to the mall and shop for much of anything, let alone casually browse the makeup counter. There must be MANY women (and mother’s!) like me because of the fabulous one stop shop that is BloomCircle! BloomCircle takes all the best hair, makeup and skin products and {Read More}

Redefining Mother’s Day {Guest Post}

Heather from CafeSmom has written this fantastic post about Mother’s Day. For many families nowadays, holidays are no long celebrated in the “traditional” way. Step families face unique challenges and obstacles with each holiday, and many come up with their own special way to celebrate. This is a very personal story about one blended/step families experienced with Mother’s Day, and the wonderful ways that they celebrate and show their love for one another. Redefining Mother’s Day Mother’s Day is in {Read More}

Of the Earth Jewelry {Review and Giveaway} (CLOSED)

As I have gotten older and since having children, I have really grown to appreciate beautiful jewelry. Especially jewelry that signifies something important to me – my family. I recently found Of The Earth Jewelry, and I fell in love with their “bird nest” designs. One thing that I really like about Of The Earth Jewelry is that everything is handmade. But in addition to that, all of the pieces can be customized. There is a wide variety of colored {Read More}

Tara Plays with Paper {Review and Giveaway} (CLOSED)

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen – it is a very central place in my home. Due to the fact that I currently rent my home, I am limited in what I can hang on the walls. But the fridge is all mine! Tara Plays With Paper makes beautiful and unique glass pendents and magnets! When she contacted me about checking out some of her items, I immediately fell in love with a set of black, gray {Read More}

Brugo Mug {Review and Giveaway} (CLOSED)

As someone that drinks a TON of coffee, I need a travel coffee mug! BUT… Not just any mug will do. As a busy mom trying to save some money, it is not practical for me to purchase coffee multiple times a day. Plus, I get frustrated when buying hot coffee – it always seems to spill or slosh out of the cup creating a huge mess. Even more frustrating is that it is either much to hot to drink, {Read More}

The Pretty Peacock {Mother’s Day Review and Giveaway} (CLOSED)

I don’t know about you, but I always have a hard time finding that “perfect” gift to give my mom for Mother’s Day (and her birthday, and Christmas). Jay has told me that now that he has the responsibility of taking the kids shopping for my Mother’s Day gift that he is always stressed about what to get and what I will like. I have decided to make it easy for him this year – I am making a list {Read More}