Monster Lifeguard Printable Craft

My kids absolutely love doing craft projects. When they hear me open the closet with all of our craft supplies, they get so excited that they are literally bouncing up in down in anticipation of what we are going to do. Lately, I have been looking online for some inspiration, and I have found some really awesome printables. Most recently, I was sent a fun “monster lifeguard” printable craft project that I knew my kids would love to make. I {Read More}

Summer Fun Activities For Kids {Beat Summer Boredom!! 22+ Great Ideas}

Does this sound familiar?: “Mom! I’m bored!” “But I don’t have any toys!” “I already played that!” “Mom!!” My kids are constantly looking for new games to play and ways to beat boredom. Summer is rough for us because V is so used to the full days of school that she is always bored. I have been trying to prepare myself for this predicament before it became a daily struggle, and thus far, I have done pretty well. One reason {Read More}

Freckles Crafts {Giveaway} (CLOSED)

I am so super excited to bring you all this fantastic giveaway! I love Freckles Crafts Kits so much, and they are my go-to projects when my daughter wants to let her crafty side out. If you have not heard of Freckles Crafts yet, this is the perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with this cute little frog! Freckles Craft Kits offer convenient, safe, educational and fun craft projects for children ages three and older. Each craft kit contains everything you {Read More}

Freckles Crafts {Review}

I have said it before, and I will say it again: I love Freckles Crafts! It’s true, I do… I just can’t help it. The all inclusive craft kits make my daughter and I oh-so-happy. I love how easy it is to do a craft project (NO gathering anything, it is all there!!) and V just loves the projects. Yes, we are Freckles Crafts fans all the way! If you have a child that loves to craft and make projects {Read More}

Kiss Naturals DIY Craft Kits {Review and Giveaway} (CLOSED)

I have always wondered how to make some of my favorite items – lip balm, soap, perfume, and those neat bath fizzies – but I have been way too intimidated to try making them myself. All the different products available, and the numerous books all claiming that their way is the best … as a busy mom, I just don’t have time to sit down and weed through it all. Kiss Naturals has made it easy to make your own {Read More}

St. Patrick’s Day Wreath (Craft Tutorial)

Rebecca, the creator of Freckles Crafts, has come up with a WONDERFUL St.Patrick’s Day craft that is super easy and fun to make!! We had a blast making this wreath, and V is very proud to have it hanging in our kitchen! Enjoy!! St. Patrick’s Day Wreath We Luhuhuhuve St. Patrick’s Day.  The excuse to wear green, the pesky little Leprechauns that wreck havoc on our house, the parades, green food …oh sorry, got lost in thoughts of all the {Read More}

Santa & Snowmen Bars (Holiday Craft)

I found this craft in one of my magazines (Martha Stewart Living) and I just LOVED it! Vi and I made a few, and they were so much fun (and super easy!!) Simply rewrap store-bought chocolate bars to make these cheerful little confections. Put your littlest elves to work making the fingerprint-stamped faces. Tools and Materials Chocolate bars Ivory, white, and orange text-weight paper Red vellum White pom-poms Glue stick Black, pink, and red ink pads Scalloped paper coasters Yarn {Read More}