Stella & Dot {Mother’s Day Giveaway} (CLOSED)

I have heard many things about Stella & Dot in the recent months but I had yet to have the chance to check out their products first hand. I recently met Helene through her facebook page, and was thrilled when she wanted to work with me to bring you all a fabulous Mother’s Day giveaway! When the necklace and bracelet arrived, I was blown away by how lovely they were in person. They quality is fantastic. Both pieces are very {Read More}

Hatley Store {Review and Giveaway} (CLOSED)

I am a huge hoodie fan – I have been for as long as I can remember. Each year, I get my kids a few zip up hoodies, as well as a few pull over one. I pick up one or two for Jay, and then I struggle to find some for myself. It seems that my local stores just don’t carry a wide selection of women’s hoodies – thank goodness for Hatley! They offer great hoodies – both pull {Read More}

Valentine’s Pillow Pet {Review}

My daughter LOVES pillow pets. She loves that she can play with them as a stuffed animal, but that they are comfy and cozy when she wants to relax. We are a family of cat lovers, and I just knew that I had to have (well, V had to have) the  Pillow Pets Valentine Cat! This red and white cat is super cute – I really love that it has red hearts all over its “belly”! We are saving this {Read More}

Santa & Snowmen Bars (Holiday Craft)

I found this craft in one of my magazines (Martha Stewart Living) and I just LOVED it! Vi and I made a few, and they were so much fun (and super easy!!) Simply rewrap store-bought chocolate bars to make these cheerful little confections. Put your littlest elves to work making the fingerprint-stamped faces. Tools and Materials Chocolate bars Ivory, white, and orange text-weight paper Red vellum White pom-poms Glue stick Black, pink, and red ink pads Scalloped paper coasters Yarn {Read More}

EOS Review

In my search for the perfect stocking stuffer, I stumbled upon EOS (Evolution of Smooth) lip balms. Let me tell you about these neat lip balms. First of  all, they are organic and 100% all natural! I love all things that are organic and natural, especially things that go on or in my body or my kids bodies. I was really intrigued by the Lip Balm Smooth Sphere, as it is such a unique design and interesting concept. It merges {Read More}

Easy Free Letters From Santa Review

My daughter is at that magical age of 4 where Santa is the most exciting thing about Christmas. She has been very worried this year because our house does not have a chimney. While we have tried to explain her that “he” could get in anyways, she was less then convinces. When I was provided with the opportunity to check out Easy Free Letters From Santa I was thrilled to see that for only $2.99 I could get a custom {Read More}

Crayola Review & Giveaway (CLOSED)

My daughter is super creative. She loves to draw, paint, cut, glue… anything that requires her hands and her imagination. I love to encourage her love of art, and when I was contacted to review some of Crayola’s hot holiday items, I just couldn’t refuse! My big box of Crayola goodies arrived in just a few days, and V was overjoyed to tear into them! She first pulled out the box of crayons (who doesn’t like Crayola Crayons??) and colored {Read More}

Carmex Review & Giveaway (CLOSED)

I had the opportunity to try a few new lip glosses from Carmex. The Carmex Moisture Plus Tint is their first gloss that features a hint of color. Available in both pink and peach, these super moisturizing glosses leave a  light and pretty color on your lips, perfect for a quick pick me up or to enhance your favorite lipstick color. I loved the pink, and find myself reaching for that in place of my lipstick. It offers long term {Read More}

Gourmet Gift Baskets Review & Giveaway (CLOSED)

With the holiday season fully upon us, I am constantly stressing what to get for people. My kids are easy, as my daughter tells me, they want “everything!”, but it is everyone else that I struggle to find that perfect gift for. Let Gourmet Gift Baskets take some of the work out of finding that perfect something for everyone on your list. The only thing that you will struggle with now is narrowing down your choices! Gourmet Gift Baskets has {Read More}

Charm Factory Review & Giveaway (CLOSED)

I have always been a fan of charm bracelets. There is just something that is simple yet elegant about them that I love. I was given the opportunity to chose and review a bracelet made by Charm Factory. I was so excited – they have so many beautiful and special charms, and offer a line of finished charm bracelets. I chose the “Cat Bracelet” – It is so cute, and I do love cats, after all! The bracelet arrived in {Read More}