The Next Step in My Weightloss Journey

I went to the doctor this week to get some answers as to why my throat was closing up. After some preliminary allergy tests, the doctor thinks that I have a walnut, almond and soy allergy. I am waiting to get the results from my blood test, but the doctor did advise that I discontinue with the Cinch program as one of the main ingredients is soy. I am really bummed that I have to quit the program before the {Read More}

#Cinchspiration 2 Month Update

Wow. Another month has flow by and with it most of my summer. I can’t believe that this time is going so fast. This month has been filled with ups and downs. I started using Almond Milk to make my shakes – and it was super delicious – until I had an allergic reaction to it! My throat and mouth felt tingly and swollen, and at first I thought that I was just coming down with a cold. I did {Read More}

4 Week Update #Cinchspiration

It has been a crazy busy four weeks here. Lots has happened, and a lot hasnot happened. What has happened? Well, I lost 5lbs (woo-hoo!) but it was not without some disappointment, struggles and setbacks. The first week on the Cinch program, I followed it exactly and I didn’t lose anything. (Did you miss my kick off post? Check out my before photos) No inches, and no weight. I was super bummed. There are 49 other bloggers that are going {Read More}

Ready… Set… Cinch!

After almost two weeks of VERY anxious waiting, I have officially started the Cinch program as of yesterday, and so far, so good! I am really enjoying it. The shakes are super yummy, and I love that I can eat real (healthy) food while on the program. Part of starting this program, and part of myself becoming accountable, is sharing my before pictures, starting weight, and measurements. This is in no way easy for me to do, but I know {Read More}

I’m Part of the Shaklee #Cinchspiration team!!

I am so, so, SO excited to have been chosen as one of the bloggers for the Shaklee #Cinchspiration team!! I honestly never thought that I would be picked — there were 264 bloggers that applied, and I feel blessed to be one of the fifty women selected. You can meet the entire team over on the Shaklee blog. This is not my first experience with Shaklee – we love their cleaning products – but it is my first time {Read More}