Cap-Sac Kids {Review and Giveaway} (CLOSED)

Hats are always a fighting point in my house. E wont keep on on his head, and V runs (screaming) in the other direction if you ask her to wear one. I know, I know… they are a little dramatic! I do know the importance of them wearing a hat, which is why I always fight the fight to get the hat on the as they are making their way out the door. They usually got it off as soon {Read More}

ScareMeNots {Review and Giveaway} (CLOSED)

V has hit an age where her imagination sometimes gets the better of her. She has developed a fear of the dark, and a few imaginary “monsters” (specifically, a purple polar bear). We have tried a few things help ease her nighttime worries, and one of her favorite new pals is  Courageous Carrie – a cuddly ScareMeNots Monster. ScareMeNots are good little monsters that help to keep the “bad” monsters and bad dreams away. Each ScareMeNot is specially trained to {Read More}

My Spot {Review and Giveaway} (CLOSED)

PLEASE tell me that I am not the only one that goes through this: I call the kids for snack/lunch/activity and they come running (sounding similar to a herd of elephants) to pick out their seat. Now, there is always one seat that is coveted more then the others, and both kids always climb on, and then fight until one falls off or I start yelling about having animals in my kitchen. Then the cries of protest come from the {Read More}

24 Hour Frecklebox Sticker Sale

I love Frecklebox and I was very excited to hear about their sticker sale!! All of their personalized stickers are 50% off – but hurry because this deal is only good from now until 10 am PST June 8th! Use Coupon Code: STICKERME

Fresh Baby Kid’s Portion Plate {Review and Giveaway} (CLOSED)

My children do NOT like it when their food touches – at all. If it is not cooked together (and even sometimes if it is) it cannot touch … even a little. This is slightly problematic – especially when you consider my kids love round foods like peas! I had been searching for a divided plate, and was pretty disappointed by the lack of variety and colors that were available in my local stores. These plates were boring – and {Read More}

Boon ModWare {Review and Giveaway} (CLOSED)

I have one independent little guys, especially at the dinner table. If he needs help to eat something he just refuses to eat it. He wants to do it all himself. While he is pretty good at using a fork and a spoon, many meals have been ruined because he has stabbed his tongue with a metal pronged fork or the plastic prongs cannot pick up his food. Needless to say, this is a frustrating way to end a meal! {Read More}

Freckles Crafts {Giveaway} (CLOSED)

I am so super excited to bring you all this fantastic giveaway! I love Freckles Crafts Kits so much, and they are my go-to projects when my daughter wants to let her crafty side out. If you have not heard of Freckles Crafts yet, this is the perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with this cute little frog! Freckles Craft Kits offer convenient, safe, educational and fun craft projects for children ages three and older. Each craft kit contains everything you {Read More}

The Land of Me {Review and Giveaway} (CLOSED)

Imagination is such a wonderful thing. My children could play and amuse themselves for hours with nothing more then a cardboard box, a few scraps of paper and some crayons. I am always looking for ways to encourage my kids to use their imaginations, and it doesn’t hurt when I find a product that also helps with basic skills and concepts! The Land of Me does that plus lots more. The Land of Me is a magical picture book world {Read More}

Kidfresh {Review and Giveaway} (CLOSED)

Feeding your kids is a tough and time consuming job. As a parent, it is up to you to make sure that you kids are getting healthy foods that aren’t filled with artificial ingredients, packed with salt or sugar, or high in fat. In addition to that, you have to make sure that they are getting their fill of veggies … did I mention that it has to taste good and be something that a super picky toddler/preschooler/child will eat? {Read More}

The Soggy Doggy {Review}

Summers can get long and occasionally boring when you are just hanging out at home. Because we don’t have a pool, they can also get very HOT. I made the mistake last year of not getting a sprinkler early, and by the time I went to look for one, they were all sold out. We ended up using a lawn sprinkler for some water fun with the kids. It worked okay, but wasn’t nearly as fun as The Soggy Doggy {Read More}