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Over the past few years, we have made some major purchases. New computers, cameras, TVs and miscellaneous electronics and small appliances. These have all been pretty pricey, and were purchased with the intention of using them for many years to come.

But what if something happens?

There are so many aspects of life that cannot be controlled or even anticipated. The weather is one of those loose variables that can really catch you off guard.

More and more frequently there are instances of severe weather that were complete surprises: massive tornado’s in areas not prone to them, destructive rain and ice storms just to name a few. Have you ever thought about what would happen if one of these natural disasters struck your town? Are you prepared?

My insurance

I have rented for many years, but I have never had anything that was really worth insuring until about 3 years ago. When we moved into our current apartment, we made the decision to get renters insurance. I was super surprised by how affordable it is, and how much it covers.

My biggest concern was how I would keep track of the valuables that we have in the house. I know that it is easy to forget about things when you are in a distressed state, and it would be a huge inconvenience to remember x,y, and z after your claim had already been filed. I had been keeping everything in a file on my computer, with a paper print out in our “important documents safe” as a backup.

While my method works okay, I have just started using a much easier one.


myHOME is an app for your iPhone or Android phone that allows you to easily keep track of your belongings. This is by far the fastest and easiest way that I have found to organize everything.

I love that this app keeps all of my information organized room by room, and that it allows me to enter the purchase price, date, and serial number of the product. Plus, you can send all of your information through to your email so you have a digital back up file if anything happens to your iPhone.

More Information

If you have never given much thought to what type of insurance you should have, it is definitely worth checking out. You can find out more information about the benefits of creating a home inventory on the NAIC website.

Win It:

Want to download this app but you don’t have a smartphone yet? Maybe you are in need of an upgrade (or some new phone accessories!)? NAIC is giving one lucky MomVantage reader a $50 Best Buy Gift Card to get a new smartphone, upgrade the one you have, or shop as you wish.

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This Giveaway is CLOSED.

The winner is: Entry #2 – Ashley H


{I was provided with a complimentary product to review. All opinions expressed are my own and 100% honest}

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  1. 51
    Laura Jacobson says:
  2. 52
    Betty says:

    It sounds so easy – keep a list of your possessions. But then reality floods in and you realize just how much stuff is in for example the kitchen: sets of pans, dishes, cookware and then the appliances. The big appliances you might know when and how much, but what about the coffee pots? One was a gift, one was a replacement, one was purchased to go into the office but then wasn’t needed. In the middle of chaos, would you ever remember that you actually had 3 coffeemakers?
    So yes, the apps with the pdf lists to help organize starting a list and then keeping it updated are a great help.

  3. 53
    Betty says:
  4. 54
    Tim says:

    They report that there was $43 billion in disaster related damage in 2011.

  5. 55
    holly says:

    i learned that more than half of consumers don’t have an inventory of their possessions in case of a natural disaster

  6. 56
    laurie says:

    i learned that •Don’t forget items you use rarely such as holiday decorations, sports equipment, tools, etc.

  7. 57
    Heather R says:

    I learned that they have a myHOME home inventory app to help you keep an accurate inventory of your home

  8. 58
    Heather R says:
  9. 59
    Penny B W says:

    I learned that when making an inventory of your possessions, it’s best to categorize them into logical groups, such as by hobby, room, etc.