SeatPets: The Answer to Sleepy Kids in the Car

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E loves to sleep in the car. It is the only place he will take a nap and I have been known to pop everyone in the car to take a drive when he is overtired and cranky. But I always feel bad with how his head and neck slump forward. It looks so uncomfortable.

He is not ready just yet for a big boy car seat with a seat belt, but we have been looking for ways to help him get a little more comfortable while sleeping in the car. Then we found SeatPets and I knew this would be the answer to our problem.

I showed V the super cute SeatPets character that we received – Airheart – and she agreed that E was going to love it!! We are planning on giving it to him for his birthday, and I am hoping that he can just hang onto it while in his car seat and just lay his head on it when he is ready to snooze.

V asked if she could try it out, and she really enjoyed it as well. It is very rare that she falls asleep in the car, but she enjoyed snuggling with Airheart, and really liked that there were pockets all over it. I also like all the pockets (there are three pockets and two zippered compartments) — my kids are always bringing little toys in the car with them and 9 times out of 10, they get lost some where in the car. Or they make it out there and are never seen again. The pockets are a nice place to tuck those items that they want to bring with them, but don’t actually play with, when we go in the car.

SeatPets are super easy to attach to your child’s seat belt, and they stay in place AND help your child’s seat belt stay in place (which is a must!). Plus, they can be carried around with your little one even when you aren’t in the car. This fact alone makes them great. Your child can use them to tote around some of their favorite items when out and about, to sleep with at night or when napping at a friend/family members house, or if your child is anything like E – as a pillow for when he sleeps right through shopping trips :)

Oh, and did I mention that they are also washable?! Yup, they are.

I am so excited to give this to E for his birthday in a couple of weeks. I know that he is going to LOVE it, and it will be nice to have in the car for both kids to use (as V already seems a little bit attached!). We may have to get another one before we take our next vacation… and truth be told, I wouldn’t mind one for myself either. Regular car pillows are hard to keep in place – this one holds itself in place freeing your hands and letting you rest comfortably.

Hopefully, one of the kids will share with me 😉

SeatPets are available in three super cute monster designs, and are sure to big a big hit with all of your little passengers!


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{I was provided with a complimentary product to review. All opinions expressed are my own and 100% honest}

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