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This has been a week of distractions for me and I feel super behind and disoriented.

While we were supposed to go away over the weekend, we ended up staying home because E got sick. Thankfully, it was a short lived cold (only lasing about 48 hours) and so far, no one else has gotten sick.

Then my step-dad was hospitalized. He is still there (and will be until next week) but thankfully, he is getting better. After a 3 day stay in the ICU, followed by isolation, it is a very big relief to have him in a regular room and mostly on the mend. He still has some health problems to overcome, and I am praying every night for his speedy recovery.

I am really stressing over the next week. V will be going on vacation without me for the first time ever. And it’s not just a mini vacation — she will be gone for TEN days! I am freaking out. She will be with her dad (and her step-moms family) but still… it is a long time for me to be away from her. The longest we have ever gone is 2 nights!!! I am sure I will be crying and really missing her the entire time.

Once she gets home, we will have 2 days before school starts! And then my baby girl stats 1st grade.

So tell me – where the heck has the summer gone?! I have no idea. I had so many plans and barely did anything. It was nice to relax with the kids, but I feel like the time just flew by.

How has your week been going? As crazy busy as mine??

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