Happy Valentine’s Day to You Husband


To My Husband on Valentine’s Day,

Valentine’s Day brings up a lot of unresolved feelings for me. Yes, I know that we have been apart for a decent amount of time at this point. The fact that you didn’t live or stay here one day in 2015 can attest to that.

But the feelings? They never really left. Sure, the love I feel for you is tinged by disappointment, hurt, and sometimes hate. But it’s still there, just as strong as it has been since the beginning.

And those lingering feelings have allowed me to be hurt over and over again.

The hardest part for me? The reason that I can’t fully let go?

It’s you.

It’s the things you say to me when I am so close to moving on. To really letting go. To being okay with how things are.

It’s the fact that you cried just a few weeks ago when I told you I wanted a divorce and that I would pay for it. When I asked if you would sign the papers after telling me so many times that you wouldn’t. You said you thought you might have made the wrong choice when you left. That you wanted to focus on us right now and see where we could go.

Do you even have any idea what that does to me? It makes me second guess everything. It gives me hope. It encourages me to hold on instead of giving up.

But you never follow through. You break plans that you commit to. You blame me for your lies and inability to follow through. You claim you need more time.

Yet all of your actions contradict that. All of the bullshit with your “roommate”. You telling me you guys broke up and she moved out, yet you still publicly post Happy Valentine’s Day to her on Facebook for all the world to see. The dogs. The promises of movie nights and video games and cooked dinners that just never happen. The ignored messages. The lies.

You lie to me. All the time.

It’s like you just can’t help yourself.

And every time I start to let myself believe you, the lie comes out and I break all over again.

You have no idea how much it hurts me. Or maybe you do. Maybe it’s all part of your game.

I’m sick of crying because of you. I’m sick of hurting because of things that you did or said or didn’t do.

And the worst part of all of it is — you don’t care. I care so much, and you couldn’t care less. You pretend like you do when we are face to face, but the reality is that you don’t care about how you make me feel. You don’t really care about me at all. You show me that over and over again, yet I chose to believe the person that pretends when he’s in front of me instead of the one that is most honest when we aren’t face to face.

I need to let you go. I need to stop being such a fool for you. I need to finally stop loving you.

Today has reminded me of all that once again.

But the reality of it is, is that I do love you and I stupidly still want you in my life. I want us to be husband and wife in more than just name. I want the future that we were supposed to have. The one that I cling to when I want to give up.

Deep down, I know that we are never going to have that and I need to let that idea go.

Because I’m so tired. I’m so tired of living in limbo, of wishing for a life that is no longer possible, of hanging on to a person that I don’t even think exists anymore if he ever did in the first place.

Yet, in spite of all you have done, I love you still. But you knew that already.

So Happy Valentine’s Day to you my love.


This is the story of a girl… that just wanted new internet service

Let me tell you a story about a girl….

One chilly Thursday in February, a girl called her local cable company. She was interested in setting up new internet service.

After talking to a “very nice” man for 30 minutes, she picked her service, set up a time to pick up her modem for her self install, and was overjoyed to find out that her service would be turned on at the pole by the following day, Friday, by 8 pm.

She ventured out into the very cold night Friday after work to pick up said modem, only to be told by the girl at the store that her service wasn’t scheduled to be turned on until Sunday.

She was shocked and angered by this news, and the sales person at the store offered to switch her work order date from Sunday to Saturday, and encouraged her to call the cable company back.

As she left the store, the girl called customer service and got a woman on the phone. Said woman told the girl that the salesperson was mistaken, and that she would, in fact, have her service turned on by 8pm Friday night. The woman even offered to call her back at 8 to confirm that service was on.

The girl was happy. Until 8:15 rolled around and she still had no service and no phone call back.

The girl called customer service back. This time, she got a man on the phone that apologized profusely for the mix up, told her that the last girl she spoke with gave her incorrect information as the field workers stop working at 7 (and the girl spoke to her at 7:20), and he guaranteed that service would be turned on by 7pm Saturday. He even gave her his personal extension number just in case there were any problems.

The girl is annoyed, but happy to have been helped so thoroughly and is satisfied with the guarantee that it will be on the following day.

It is now Saturday at 8 pm …. the girl still has no internet service.

She once again calls customer service. They tell her she is not scheduled to have service turned on until Sunday.

She asks to be transferred to the mans extension number from the night before, only to find out that he is not working Saturday night.

She is then transferred to a new rep in the same department.

He listens to her recount everything that has happened the past few days. He apologizes for the inconvenience, and once again gives her a guarantee that her service will be on by 7pm the following day, Sunday.

She tells him that she does not believe him.

He says that he understands that completely.

He contacts his supervisor to tell him what has been going on with the girls account. He offers the girl a credit on her next bill, and assures her that his supervisor is going to look into each note on her account and speak with the reps that she spoke with about the repeated incorrect information she was given.

He promises to call on Tuesday when he comes back from his days off if her service was no turned on by Sunday, but he is confident that his guarantee will come true.

She is still skeptical, and frustrated, but gets off the phone without the option of a better resolution.

So now it is midday Sunday. The girl called first thing this morning to confirm that there was actually a work order out for her residence today. She was assured that there was.

And now she waits.

For the sake of all involved, she sincerely hopes that her service is turned on by 7pm tonight, as she is very sick of using her cell phone as a hot spot for her computer.



It’s on!! The girls internet is finally on.

All is now right in her world 🙂

6 Mobile Phone Games to Pass the Time

I don’t know about you, but I rely on my phone way too much. In some ways, it’s my life line and without it I would be completely lost. Honestly — if it doesn’t make it into my iPhone calendar, I’m not remembering to do it. On the other hand, I have been known to spend way too much time staring at the screen.

Case in point — I love to play games on my phone. And so do my kids. We have been known to fight over whose turn it is… especially when we are some place boring, like a waiting room.

SO because I’m hoping that you guys are just like me and love phone games, I’m going to share a few of my favorites. You know — the ones that I am totally into but would normally deny playing at first, only to eventually confess my love for them and try to convince you to play them with me.

My first, and probably favorite game, is Frozen Free Fall. I know, I know. It’s a little weird that a 30 year old woman is totally into this game. And I seriously am. I LOVE this game. It is super addicting, and really, really fun. And they just keep adding more levels. *heaven*

If the kids and I are playing together, we usually play the Game of Life. It’s a classic, and having it on the go is really nice. It works for long car rides and any place the three of us are bored all together. Plus, the kids love any excuse to play games, and I really enjoy this one as well. (Even though V yells at me every time I don’t start out by going to college.)

mobile phone games

Every now and again I get the urge to play bingo. It reminds me of being a kid at my grandma’s house in the summer, playing super serious bingo games with my 4 cousins. We would be beads, special rocks and the last piece of chocolate, and it was so much fun. Mobile bingo at gonebingo is the grown up version of my childhood favorite, and I love that there is an app that is fun and brings back childhood memories.

Recently, I have been brushing up on my trivia skills with Trivia Crack. I can openly admit that I suck at the sports questions, but I love this game. What I really like is that I can connect it to Facebook and challenge my friends and family members to play against me.

One of my absolute favorite phone game is probably Bejeweled. It’s a game that I used to spend hours playing on the computer when I was younger, and I love that there is an iPhone app so I can play anytime, anywhere. My kids also really like this one, and we tend to compete to see who can get the better score.

This one I have to mention because I just recently found an app for it, and I was BEYOND thrilled. It’s a  classic throw back to the Nokia phones of the late 90s, early 2000s…. Snake. Show of hands please — who else *loved* this game as much as I did?! This is the ultimate mobile phone game, and the first one that I ever played. I was completely obsessed… then and now!

Leave me a comment and tell me what phone games I absolutely, cannot wait one more minute, have to download RIGHT NOW! Can’t wait to hear what your favorites are 🙂


Great Tips That Will Prevent The Bed Bugs From Biting

The last thing anyone wants when they go to bed is to share that bed with a four-legged visitor. The very idea of sleeping in a bed infested with bed bugs is enough to send shivers down your spine. But, that nightmare is a reality for some people. Bed bugs are hard to keep away because they can transfer from one location to another in the blink of an eye. Plus, they are small and hard to tell they are even there. Here are a few tips that will stop them from being a health hazard.
Inspect Your Hotel Room

Although you may not have them at home, you may come across them in another location. The most common is a hotel room. Hotels are places where strangers from around the world come to stay, so the odds are bringing something is high. The result is that they may leave a nasty little critter waiting for you on your hotel bed. All you have to do then is go home and, voila, your home is infected. To negate this, take a good look at the mattress before you lie down. You are looking for the bugs themselves or for brown spots as they are a tell-tale sign they are around.

 Don’t Bring Them Home

If you do wake up with bites on your body, you need to think carefully about your next move. The last thing you want to do is take them home with you, so you need a contingency plan. The best thing to do is to unpack your suitcase outside of your home when you arrive back. Bunch all of the clothes together and wash them at a high temperature. The heat is a brilliant way to kill off bugs because their bodies can’t stand the temperature. Finally, disinfect your suitcase to kill off any bugs that may still be around. For more information on bed bugs, follow the link.

Bed Bugs Or Mosquitoes?

Although you may think you have bed bugs, it could just as easily be mosquitos. After all, mosquitos feed on blood and leave bite marks. You don’t want to overreact and call in the exterminator if there is no need, but you also don’t want to miss the warning signs. To tell them apart, look for the subtle signs. Bed bugs, for example, tend to leave clusters of bites in the same area as there are more of them. Also, they tend to occur where the body is uncovered. Mosquitoes have long, sharp noses that can pierce clothing, so they don’t need to concentrate on the exposed areas.

When To Call The Pros?

There may come a point where you want to call the exterminator because you feel that is your only move. The question is not to call the exterminator, but when to call him? You want to be proactive and do it as soon as you seen the signs. Otherwise, it may be too late.

Hopefully, you don’t have to deal with bed bugs. If you do, these tips will come in handy

Let’s Talk Teeth

Anyone that knows me knows that I am *slightly* obsessed with all things dental related. It works out well for me considering I currently work in the dental field. But yea… implants, crowns, extractions, bridge work, baby teeth … I love it all.


Most people feel the complete opposite way that I do. They hate the dentist. And I don’t really blame them. Many people only go to the dentist when they are in need of emergency care — so they are in pain, and tend to need more extensive work done to fix the problem. Often, this could have been prevented if they had been coming in regularly for check ups. But as they say – hind sight, you know?

For those of you that may be a bit squeamish about coming to the dentist, here is some information that will hopefully make taking that first step a little bit easier.

Preventative care is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. Yes — your initial visit might be a little stressful, and it always is to hear that you have work that needs to be done, but honestly, the hardest part about your first visit is just showing up. It will mostly be just having x-rays taken and talking to the doctor about how to get your mouth in tip top shape.

Your dentist really wants to tell you that all you need is a cleaning. We like it when you come back in for your 6 month check up and don’t have any cavity or tooth pain or tooth related problems that you are worrying about.

Us dental assistants — we really want to help you. I never have a problem explaining procedures to patients, or even holding their hands throughout the procedure if they are nervous. I will always do my best to smile and reassure you, and I will make to sure to let the doctor know if you are nervous about anything. But I can’t help you to my full ability if you don’t ask questions and if you don’t let me know that you’re scared! I’m not just there to help the doctor, but also to make sure you have the best experience possible. So talk to me! I promise — we really do want to be there for you.

With all of that being said, I know that it’s still tough for many people to go to the dentist. Finding just the right office is key to having the best experience that you possibly can. There are so many dental offices out there, that I promise there is the perfect doctor for everyone 🙂

For those of you in the Virginia area, check out the Dental Associates of Northern Virginia.

And for anyone that has any dental questions, leave me a comment and I’d be happy to answer them as best I can. Honestly — I love talkin’ teeth!


What’s New in the World of Self Care

The new year has only just begun, yet already enthusiasm for those New Year’s resolutions is starting to wane. It’s time to take a closer look at some of the technologies that can help you keep those promises we made to ourselves. More importantly, something new, even if it is just a gym membership, will invigorate our excitement and strengthen our resolve long enough for us to form a few good and lasting habits.

From feeling great to looking great, here are a few items to help you get there:

Looking Good

Like other animals, our skin is subject to wrinkles. Unlike other animals, we can do something about it. Furthermore, it is not mere vanity. Skin is an organ, the biggest in the human body. As such, skin care is health care. Premature, or excessive wrinkling is just one of the things that can keep us from looking our best. Fortunately, it is also something we can address.

Clarafuse dermapads headline the key technologies in a product called Dermaclara. If you are wondering what is Dermaclara Youth Science doing for wrinkles, here it is in their own words:

These surgical grade pads, infused with nutrients, peptides and other anti-aging ingredients, gently adhere to your skin for anywhere from one to 12 hours. During that time, they deliver a proprietary blend of ingredients to lessen the appearance of lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

No product can roll back the clock. Aging is a one-way process. What this technology provides is the ability to fight the appearance of aging. For any number of reasons, that is a fight worth engaging.

Eating Better

Whatever you do, don’t call it a diet. That is the kiss of death for any plan to improve your eating habits. Instead, call it improving your eating habits. Prevention lists seven ways you can use tech to make that happen. All of the ideas were good. The most beneficial of the suggestions might also be the easiest to implement. Number seven is take a picture of your plate.

They cite Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research as saying, “Keep a daily log of what you eat, and you’ll lose twice as much weight.” A photo log is a simpler and more visceral reminder of what we’ve eaten than text descriptions. We also know a lot about what a healthy plate of food looks like. By taking a picture of what we are about to eat, it will have an immediate effect on our choices. Looking better and eating better are just ends to a means. The means is getting healthier.

Getting Healthier

They call them vital signs for a reason. You can’t live very well or long when they are out of balance. Body temperature, pulse rate, and rate of breathing should be monitored from time to time. There are other factors like blood pressure, blood sugar, and body weight that should probably be monitored even more. They can provide early warning that something is off.

Health monitoring and fitness tracking are the focuses of modern smart watches and fitness bands. It doesn’t really matter which of them is the best. They will all do the job of helping you monitor the metrics that matter to you. And just by the act of monitoring, you will be motivated to do something about it. You can also purchase blood pressure and glucose monitors that send the readings directly to your smartphone for better tracking.

There has never been a more exciting time for self care. It is not about firing the doctor. It is about taking a more active roll in your own health care and disease prevention. Protect your skin by slowing the effects of aging. Eat better. And take the guesswork out of it by quantifying your health. You don’t have to go it alone. A thousand tech companies are standing by with a million products to assist you.

Encourage Your Kids To Learn At Home

I’ve been thinking lately about education. In particular, I’ve been wondering whether my children get enough of it at school. I know what you’re thinking. Of course they do! That’s why they go there every working day. Ah, but what about at the weekends or even on holidays. We’re not that far away from spring break, and school is often completely forgotten during that time. This is a bigger issue than you might realize because the world is becoming more competitive. To get in college, kids have to excel through their entire school career. It only seems natural then to think about how we can help them along. With that in mind, here are some of the ways you can help your children learn in the comfort of their home.

TV, Internet And Games

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 8.23.01 PM

Flickr Image

Again, I see your thoughts. There is nothing on that list that is even remotely educational. But don’t be too sure. Let’s start with TV. I know you probably find your TV is filled with endless channels of nothing but rubbish. However, if you get one of the time warner cable TV packages there are channels for children included. These aren’t just nonsense channels like Nickelodeon or Disney either. There are cable channels that provide educational topics for children eager to learn. When they’re young, it’s easy to get them to sit in front of a TV and watch whatever is on. Why not make the most of this opportunity?

Or, how about the internet. The internet gets a bad rep in the media in relation to children. Some parents wonder whether we should let kids use the internet at all. Well first of all the world is forever connected now. Internet usage is just a part of life. One that you certainly need to get used to, and it’s good to teach your children about it before they discover it for themselves. Secondly, the internet is full of educational sites that could boost your child’s learning and give them new skills.

Lastly, you should let your children play video games every so often. Video games have been linked to helping children develop problem solving skills as well as hand eye coordination.

Learning By Doing

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 8.22.46 PMImage Location

Another option is to help your children by letting them learn from you. Depending on a child’s age there are lots of things they can learn around the house. For instance, if you show older children how to balance the bank account they can learn maths skills. They can also learn lessons that will be useful in later life. For younger children you may want to teach them culinary skills. Not only is this is life skill but it could translate into a full career one day. You’ll never know whether you have the next head chef in your household unless you give them a shot.

Alternatively, you may simply want to encourage your children to learn at home in their own way. This may be choosing a new book to read once a week or keeping a diary when they go on holiday. Both of these ideas well help your child develop literacy skills.

I hope you see now how much your child can learn at home and why it’s important to encourage this.

Maintaining Your Child’s Innocence in a Challenging World

In modern times, our children are often exposed to negativity through a variety of media sources. From the things they watch on television to information available on the World Wide Web, the once large world has become a lot smaller. With the average child spending a total of 16 hours or more in front of a screen (television, mobile device, or computer), the need for parents to step up and monitor their usage is imperative.

The idea of monitoring your child’s screen time was once a non-issue. Family oriented networks were geared towards sending positive messages with valuable lessons. However, as the interests of the general population evolve, media outlets oblige by providing violent, sexually heightened, drama filled content.

From the graphic scenes in the news of the latest ISIS attack on Paris to the overly sexualized music videos, the media arguably paints a picture that sex, violence, and negativity are the new norm, and it can greatly impact the well-being of your children.

So how can a concerned parent help to shield their children from the cruel realities of life? Though it may seem impossible with all the media sources and means to access them, there are things you can do to ensure your children are not constantly absorbing negativity.


Let’s first start with the television. The average child can spend as much as four hours per day in front of the television screen. During this period of time a child could easily be exposed to so much you don’t want them to see. As parents, you can do a lot to minimize the amount of negativity your child sees by doing the following:

·  Parental Controls. A parent’s first line of defense would be to utilize parental control features. Television providers such as DirecTV in Long Beach and other qualifying cities offer easy to use parental control options. Based on the rating system for television shows, parents can determine which ratings are safe for their children to watch and which ones aren’t. For example, a parent with a 10 year old might want to block their child from watching things that are TV14 and TVMA.

·  Educate Yourself. Another way to stay on top of the information that your child sees on television is to educate yourself. By knowing which shows they watch and the type of content the shows display, you can determine whether the program is a negative of positive influence.

·  Set Limits. Limiting the amount of television your children watch each day can ultimately minimize the amount of negativity they’re exposed to. As most parents are aware, more violent and sexually explicit television content typically comes on later in the day, so setting a cutoff time for the kids of about 8 or 9 pm would suffice.

·  Talk to your kids. Communication between parents and their children is extremely important. With a mega influencer such as the media constantly sending the wrong message to your children, it is important that you are there to provide explanations about the realities of life. Having conversations about hot topics or popular shows your children watch can prevent them from misinterpreting information or accepting negativity as the norm.

The Internet

The internet is another media source with a plethora of negative information floating around. Your child could simply type in a term and thousands of search results could lead them to access information that they shouldn’t. While the internet is commonly used for school projects, online gaming and other things that children commonly access, it is important to monitor their usage.

·  Educate Your Children. Education is always important when it comes to internet usage. There are so many negative messages and threats out there that you need to ensure that your child understands the importance of being safe and mindful of the things they access. Talk to your children about appropriate internet use such as knowing which websites they can access, what things should or should not be discussed online and so on.

·  Keep Computer in Public Area. If your child has a computer in their room you may want to rethink that. They can easily be accessing negative content without your knowledge. Keeping the computer out in an open place minimizes the likelihood that they’ll search for inappropriate things. Use of mobile devices like cell phones and tablets should also be limited to public areas as children can easily access the web from those sources.

·  Web Filters. Much like parental controls, web filters are programs that will filter the types of web pages your children are allowed to access. The software is designed to screen the site’s source and compare it to the settings/guidelines you’ve set forth upon installation. If the site is safe, they allow access, however, if the site goes against the rules, access will be restricted.

Naturally, you want to do your best to protect your children from all the negativity in the world today. Though you may not be able to cover every media source at all times, having safeguards in place like parental controls and web filters, and initiating frequent communication can minimize the potential of your child accessing information that is simply inappropriate. Proactive parenting in monitoring and addressing media issues can ultimately help your children develop positive values and habits when it comes to using technology.

How a Boat Can Build Families

Things happen in families that can tear relationships apart. When this happens, family life can be difficult, becoming an emotional roller-coast ride and a sullen war of conflicting interests. While family therapy can certainly heal emotional wounds and renegotiate boundaries, sometimes a family just needs to do something together to feel like a family again.

One way to pull off this miracle is through boating. Getting a boat is a great idea because boating is one way a family can spend quality time together.

Boating with your spouse and kids can foster deeper relationships, make fun memories and let you pass down knowledge through the generations. Once your kids learn how to handle all the work on board, you will have a common activity that can last a lifetime. A love for boating and heading out into the wide open waters is something you can share with your kids even when they are all grown up.

Types of Boats

When it comes to buying a boat, there is an armada of choices. Financing a boat is also much easier than financing a car. This is because lenders are willing to offer long-term financing since boat owners, unlike car owners, are usually not interested in trading in their boat for the latest model. They fall in love with boats and keep them for a long time. Boating is not something only the rich and famous can afford. How much you spend depends on the brand, model, and size of the boat you choose to purchase.

Begin by researching the types of boats available for a small family.

The Short List

To give you an idea of just how many types of boats are available, here is a short list of boat types:

  • All-Purpose Fishing Boats
  • Aluminum Fishing Boats
  • Bass Boats
  • Bay or Flats Boats
  • Bowriders
  • Cabin Cruisers
  • Center Consoles
  • Cuddy Cabins
  • Deck Boats
  • Dinghies
  • Fish & Ski
  • High Performance Boats
  • Inboard Ski / Wakeboard Boats
  • Inflatables
  • Jet Boats
  • Motor Yacht/Cruisers
  • Multi-Hull Power Boats
  • Personal Watercrafts
  • Pontoon Boats
  • Sailboats
  • Sportfishing Boats
  • Trawlers
  • Walkarounds

Three Main Categories

While the short list alone can be overwhelming, you can boil it down into three primary groups: cruising boats, fishing boats, and boats for watersports.

An excellent article in Nationwide.com entitled “What Type of Recreational Boat is Right for You?”  describes the different boats:

  • “Cruising: Geared to those looking to spend time relaxing or entertaining on the water. Some models offer room and features sufficient for a day cruise; others feature cabins and amenities for an overnight stay.
  • Fishing: Open cockpits in the rear – or stern – allow for more front – or bow – deck space to make it easier to fish. While smaller vessels don’t have much room for seating, larger craft may include cabins for overnight trips.
  • Watersports: Specifically designed to accommodate water skiers and wake boarders, these boats have towing capabilities and offer a faster, more thrilling ride.”

What to Do Onboard


This is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about an activity related to boating. But how do you teach your kids to take an interest in fishing?

An article in discoverboating.com on teaching children how to enjoy boating offers the following advice:

“To let kids learn to love water through fishing, help them discover it on their own terms. The freedom to go freestyle lets them satisfy their own curiosity in their own way. Limit the options by circumstance, not rules. Worried about them falling in? Give them a cool new life jacket to wear. Then don’t worry about it. Spice up the experience with inexpensive kids’ rods which come complete with a tackle pack of hook, line, sinkers and bobbers.”


Depending on the type of boat you get, there are a wide range of options for watersports. With a powerboat, for example, you can try waterskiing while a sailboat is a fun way to simply catch the wind and race across the waters. You can use the boat to visit nearby islands or you can just anchor it and go snorkeling or scuba diving.


Safety is an important consideration. Although your children will be wearing life jackets, it’s a good idea that they also learn to swim before you go boating.

Falling into the water is not the only risk when boating, the too much sun-exposure can be as well. Besides sunglasses, broad brimmed hats, and loose clothing, you should get sunscreen. SPF 15 works well, but if you don’t think it’s enough try SPF 30 or 70.

Family Boating Trips

Boating is not an idle sport and requires lots of hands-on skills. Everyone needs to participate and work as a team. Afterward, when all the necessary chores have been done, a family can sit back, drink in the majesty of sea and sky, and reflect, in a peaceful way, on some of the deeper issues of life as a family.

Simple ways to improve the security of your home

Your home is where you keep a great deal of your worldly possessions, not forgetting that this is the place where your family lives. It is crucial to protect the things most important to you, and it may not be as difficult or expensive as you may think.

Security blinds are something that are effective but not often thought of by homeowners. These blinds are useful because they can let natural light in during the day while making the home look occupied at night, helping to ward off calculating eyes.

Upgrading your locks is one of the obvious ways to upgrade the security in your home. Installing Grade 1 locks are a sure way to protect the main entry points of your home. However, it is not uncommon for some homeowners to neglect their garage door because it may rarely be used by the household. However, it is one of the breaking-in points most used by burglars to gain access to your belongings as it often leads straight into the home and contains valuables. A garage door repair should be moved to the top of your priority list.

Some homeowners like to leave certain lights on throughout the evening to give the appearance that someone is home; however, an even more effective way of keeping up the pretense is by installing timers on TVs, radios, and lights to go on and off randomly. Also, having a “Beware of the dog” sign, even if you don’t own a dog, can be a great way to warn off prying eyes. The possibility of a big, intimidating dog or even a small dog that will bark a lot and alert neighbors to a break-in is enough to deter the most opportunistic criminal.

One of the most-used ways to improve security is motion sensors. These can scare off intruders because they can alert you to their presence, and can also alert neighbors who may see the light and call you, or if they are really worried they could call the police, especially if you have gone away on vacation. This is especially effective within a neighborhood watch area, where you and your neighbors look out for each other while working with police to bring down the crime rate.

Another good way is to rearrange your yard so that burglars don’t have a place to conceal themselves while they are breaking and entering, such as large shrubs or trees. However, you can use landscaping in your yard so that it can act as a defense. Thorny bushes are great at making intruders think twice about trying to get into your house via the windows. Not only that but they can also look beautiful in any climate – why not choose rose bushes or a cactus rockery?

There really is no excuse if you can’t afford a home security system – there are many cheap and easy ways to improve the security of your home, so start planning today.