Common Signs of Pregnancy Complications

Throughout your pregnancy, your body and your baby are changing. How do you know whether what you feel is a normal part of pregnancy or a cause for concern?

It’s best to communicate with your obstetrician at your prenatal appointments if you have any questions or concerns. Don’t ignore these symptoms because they may need immediate attention.

Heavy Bleeding

An estimated 20 – 30% of women experience slight bleeding during the first trimester of pregnancy. This may be due to implantation. Every woman will experience a different level of bleeding during this time. Light bleeding may not be a sign of any complications. Heavy bleeding however, may be a sign of miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy. Call your doctor immediately if you are experiencing heavy bleeding.

Severe Abdominal Pain

Sharp pains or cramping in the abdomen coupled with heavy bleeding could signal an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy occurs when the fertilized egg is attached somewhere other than the uterus, usually the fallopian tube. This may cause serious complications for the mother, including complications with future pregnancies.

If you experience severe abdominal pain and have vaginal bleeding, call your healthcare provider immediately. Recognizing an ectopic pregnancy early is essential to avoiding extreme blood loss and ensuring the health of future pregnancies.

Your Baby Is Less Active

In order to understand whether there’s been a decrease in your baby’s activity, you will need to monitor your baby’s movements from the beginning. Some women will feel movement as early as 13 – 16 weeks into the pregnancy while others may not feel any movement until week 18 – 20. If this activity level decreases at any time, call your doctor. Your healthcare provider may want to monitor the baby through ultrasound.

Physicians are now offering women the option of non-invasive prenatal testing, which helps provide more information about the health of their baby. This information can help parents prepare to work with their physician to ensure the best care for themselves and their child.

Severe Nausea or Vomiting

To a moderate extent, many women experience nausea and vomiting during the first trimester of pregnancy. Sometimes, nausea and vomiting may persist through the third trimester and may become severe. Severe nausea may make it difficult to eat or drink anything, increasing your risk of malnutrition and dehydration. If you are experiencing extreme nausea or vomiting, contact your healthcare provider for a solution, which may include changes to your diet.

A Persistent and Severe Headache

Persistent and severe headaches could be a sign of preeclampsia – a potentially fatal condition characterized by high blood pressure and excess protein in the urine. If you are experiencing these symptoms, your doctor will want to test your blood pressure and monitor for signs of preeclampsia.

Contractions Weeks Before Your Due Date

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists defines an early term pregnancy as being between 37 – 38 weeks and 6 days. The lungs and the brain are still developing during these last few weeks of gestation, making these weeks crucial for the organs to finish their development. If you experience regular contractions (about 10 minutes apart consistently) before your 37th week, call your doctor immediately.

Receiving consistent prenatal care can help reduce complications associated with pregnancy. Speak with your physician about which symptoms may indicate health risk for you and your baby in order to know when seeking urgent medical care is needed.



How to Effectively Organize Your Kitchen

Effectively organizing (or in most cases reorganizing) your kitchen pretty much starts and ends with your cabinets. If you’ve been busy and haven’t had time to check what you’ve got in your pantry or on your shelves, then prepare yourself to find a ton of expired products; jars of blackcurrant jelly from the time you wanted to make a marble cake, packets of flour from 2012; you get it. Chuck them out. Get rid of all the things taking up unnecessary space and donate the products you’ll never use (if they haven’t expired yet).

A Little Pre-Planning

Whether your kitchen is large or small, you have a walk-in pantry or a just a few shelves, you can still make the most of the space that you have. Check out some design magazines or websites for inspiration. If you have the luxury of more room and your storage space is visible, you could think about adding decorative baskets and arranging them nicely on the shelves, or hanging wicker baskets from the walls. If baskets aren’t your thing, then invest in some decorative storage tins, instead of just plastic containers.

If you keep all your produce out of sight, but you want to give your kitchen a makeover, you could invest in some luxury wooden cabinets, with intelligent storage organization inside. If your kitchen is lightly painted and spacious, think about choosing some beautiful dark cabinets that will really create contrast. But when you’re working with a small space, you might want to try lighter wood, or even lighter materials.

Time to Get Organized

There’s no hard-and-fast rule for everyone, as one woman’s system may not work for another, so group items together that make sense to you. You might want to keep all your baking goods and condiments in one place, for example, or separate items by sweet and savory. If you don’t have much space to work with, then try to keep the items that you use the most at the front and things like juicers that you may only use in summer, at the back.

Stackable Organizers and Mason Jars

Stacking organizers are great ways of making the most of the space on your shelves, by creating multi-layers. A great tip for using these is to build them high towards the back and gradually lower as you get to the front, like in a theater, so you can see the contents on everything. Mason jars are good for storing dry foods, like flour and cereal, and keeping them fresh. You can easily see what’s inside, thanks to their transparency and they look better than plastic bins.

You can even select the glass colors to fit in with the scheme of your kitchen and pick colorful covers. If your goods are out of sight and you prefer plastic containers, make sure that they are clear so you can easily see what’s inside and if you can find rectangular shaped ones they will be easier to store. Use labels so you write down or any particular cooking instructions.

Keep it Clean

Now that you’ve made all that effort to free up space and organize your kitchen, keep it clean. Enlist the help of your partner or other family members. Let them know where things go so that it doesn’t get disorganized and chaotic again and make sure all containers are wiped down before putting them away so you don’t start getting spills and stains on your nice, clean, organized storage system.

My Guide On Prepping Your Home For A Fast Sale

Moving house is perhaps one of the most stressful experiences that you can go through as an adult. There’s so much to think about and very little time to get it right. Particularly, if you’re trying to sell while the market is still hot. You’ll have a limited time to get the house ready for the market and find the perfect buyer. A fast home sale isn’t easy, even when the market is great. That’s why I’m giving you this guide to help you out. Hopefully, using my advice, you’ll be able to get your home sold after being on the market for less than a week. Believe it or not, this does happen. You just need to take the right action straight off the bat.

As soon as you think about selling your home, you need to start getting it ready. You should do this long before you ever think about talking to a real estate agent and putting the sale sign up outside. Depending on the state of your home it can either take a few weeks or a few months to prep it. Let’s look at some of the most important things that you’ll need to do to get a fast sale.

Don’t Let It Be A Fixer Upper

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 8.30.00 PM

You might have heard that some people love buying fixer uppers, and this is true. But it doesn’t mean that you want to sell your house as one. A fixer upper tends to sell at a price well below what it should actually be worth. It doesn’t have any serious issues. But it’s in a bad enough way that an estate agent knows they won’t get it off the market for a good price. If you want to sell your home fast at a great price, you’ll have to fix it up.

You might think your home is in great working order. We all like to think this about our homes. But once you start looking around it, you’ll be surprised how many issues you find. This is perhaps because you have been living there for a long time. You’ve grown accustomed to having these little issues with your home. In a way, they give your house a character and make it feel like the place where your family belongs. But you need to remember when people buy a home they are not looking for a place that feels like home for someone else. They’re buying a dream, a fresh start, a picture perfect piece of real estate.

The fixes you’ll need to make to your home could be anything. Your garage door might be slightly crooked and stiff when you try and open it. A garage door repair cost is surprisingly cheap when arranged online. Don’t worry, unless your home is in a complete state of disrepair you won’t have to spend a fortune getting it ready for sale. Look to spend at most a few hundred on the repairs of your home. Once you’ve made all the repairs it’s time to think about the next issue for your property. You need to consider what it looks like from the street.

Make Sure It’s Eyecatching

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 8.29.43 PM

Some of you might have guessed that I’m talking about curb appeal. It’s crucial that your home looks absolutely incredible from the outside. Don’t forget that in a great market, your home probably won’t be the only one on sale. Essentially, you’ll be competing with other sellers for the attention of the buyers. One way to put your home ahead of the curve it’s to spruce up the exterior. You can start by thinking about the garden. You should have already improved it with a few necessary repairs. But now it’s time to think about making it look beautiful.

Again, I wouldn’t recommend that you spend a lot of money doing this. Same as before, look to spend a few hundred on the curb appeal of your property. Although you may find adding more expensive features adds incredible value to your home. For instance, adding a unique sculpture would certainly catch the eye of a number of buyers looking for their next family home. Or, you might want to think about adding some exotic plants. New shrubbery in your garden can make your home look beautiful. Particularly, if it’s rather colorful. Perhaps, you can add a winding stone path, leading to your front door through the garden. Remember, you’re trying to make your home a dream come true. It’s these little things that are going to make your home look picturesque.

By now, your home should be looking quite stunning from the outside. But we can’t forget about what happens when the buyer walks through your front door. They need to be impressed and instantly fall in love with your home. You shouldn’t give them time to find the flaws. If you make the right style decisions, they won’t bother to look.

Interior Style Choices

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 8.29.29 PM

We need to think about the interior style of your home quite carefully. I suggest you look for the features in your home that you don’t like and look for ways of hiding them. For instance, it might be that some rooms in your home are quite cramped. But don’t forget this could be due to your personal style. If you’ve got a lot of furniture and accessories, you might want to put some away and save the space. As well as this, you can consider repainting the walls a different color. White walls will make a room look bigger, no matter how small it is. Add a few pieces of furniture and you will get buyers to picture themselves living there.

Or, some places in your home might be quite dark. Add a few lights around the place and make sure they’re switched on but unobtrusive. The buyer should not notice that it’s the lamp providing most of the light for the room.

I hope you found these tips helpful. If you take my advice, I guarantee your home will be off the market fast, sold at a great price. Good luck finding the perfect new home for your family.

How to Make Sure You Get the Right Mortgage for You

If you’re buying a house, making sure you buy the right house for your needs is so important. However, that’s not the only important part. Making sure you have a mortgage that’s right for you is important too. You’ll likely have your mortgage for quite some time, so don’t underestimate how important it is to find the right one for you. These tips can help you:

Use Your Credit History to Look Good to Lenders

Make sure you use your credit history to look good to lenders. If you don’t currently know what your credit history looks like, find out. Look at ways you can improve it. Sometimes, there can be mistakes on your credit history through no fault of your own. Fix these, and then look at other ways to improve. Are there debts you can pay off? Maybe you could take out a credit card, make a few purchases and ensure you pay them back on time. Whatever you do, make sure your credit history looks good to lenders. It will also help you to have a copy of your credit score for them to look at before you agree to do anything with them, as to many checks on your score can affect it too.

Know What Kind of Mortgage You Would Like

There are two kinds of mortgages; interest only and repayment. Make sure you know which kind you want. Bear in mind that having an interest only mortgage may not be an option for you anyway, depending on your circumstances. Plus, if you do want that option, you’ll need another plan in place to pay back your debt. With a repayment mortgage, you’re paying back the money borrowed and interest together. That’s usually the best option to go for.


Fixed or Variable Rate Mortgage?

With a fixed rate mortgage, you’ll know exactly how much you’re paying each time you make a mortgage repayment. Variable rates were once cheaper than fixed rate mortgages, but now fixed rate mortgages seem to be the cheaper option. Plus, you have the security of knowing what you’re paying out. However, it still depends on which deal is the right one for you.

Save a Lot of Money

The more money you can save up towards your deposit, the better the deal you can get. It shows lenders that you’re capable of putting money aside and makes you look more attractive to them.

Work With a Company You Can Trust

Working with a company you can trust is a really important aspect of it all too. Fellowship Home Loans could offer you a mortgage in keeping with your beliefs and ethics. Being comfortable is essential during the home buying process.

Making sure your mortgage is right for you isn’t always a simple task. You’ll need to do lots of research to find the one that suits you. It could take time. Don’t rush it! Then you can focus on finding the perfect property in the perfect location.


5 Ways to Be More Active During the Day

I have been very fitness focused as of the past year. I have been trying to workout more and watching what I eat. But I will admit, I go through phases and I get lazy. I slack a bit and then I feel like I’m starting over from scratch.

I am very fortunate to work people that are also health-conscious. Working with people that pay attention to what they are eating is a good motivator for me to do the same.

A few of my friends at work have been raving about Chobani; and a few have recently become obsessed with Chobani Simply 100 and Chobani Simply 100 Crunch.


About Chobani Simply 100

That’s why we created Chobani Simply 100®, a range of delicious, naturally sweetened Greek Yogurt products full of flavor and satisfaction for 100 calories. Made with only natural, non-GMO ingredients, Chobani Simply 100® is an ally in your weight management journey by empowering you to reach your goals in the right way.

I decided to pick up a few flavors of Chobani (with the help of the kids of course) and we have been really enjoying giving them a try.

We also decided to each add something to our daily routines to get a little bit healthier.

Simple things — like taking an extra 100 steps a day, eating 100 less calories, adding some or in the kids case — choosing to play outside for 100 extra minutes a week instead of watching TV.

I decided to include a quick workout or activity that would burn 100 extra calories each day.


The first few days were rough … but I’ve been liking adding in the quick workout in the mornings before I start my day.

I have also been trying to be more consciously active during the day. It’s not always easy, so I figured I’d share a few of the things I’ve been doing.

  1. Park a Little Bit Farther Away from the door. This is something that I always try to do, even in bad weather. I try to park in the back of the parking lot so that I can get some extra steps in on the way into and out of the store.
  2. Take the Stairs When it’s an Option! Always, always, always take the stairs. I know. It sucks taking the stairs when you are with kids or carrying packages. But the slight inconvenience is outweighed by the health benefits.
  3. Get up and Move. I know that this one seems pretty obvious, and I usually only need to remind myself of this on the weekend. But really, get up and move around. I know that I enjoy being lazy on Sunday just as much as the next gal, and mid Netflix binge is not really when I want to get up and do anything. BUT I also don’t want a butt the size of Texas, so I in between shows I get up and move. I pick up some dirty laundry, do the dishes, do some sets of squats, or even just pace around the room for 5-10 minutes. Just get moving!
  4. Buy a pedometer. This one is slightly different from the other tips as it includes a bit of an upfront cost, but it is worth it. Setting daily goals for your steps can help motivate you to move more each day. And it can help you track your activity so you know what times of day you need to be more mindful about what you are doing.
  5. Add in a Quick 100 Calorie Burning Workout. There are some super easy workout moves that you can do, that will only minutes, and will burn an extra 100 calories! Ready for it? Just do 50 jumping jacks, 40 crunches, 30 burpees, 20 squats, and 10 push ups.

Hopefully this inspires you to get moving and burn an extra 100 calories a day!

What do you do each day to be more active??? Tell me in the comments!

Starting Over

Starting over isn’t as easy as everyone makes it out to be. It’s actually really, really hard.

And I’ve been failing miserably at it for over a year now.

Sure, I have a new job. I’m a single mom with two kids doing the best that I can. I’ve been on a few dates, and I’ve tried to meet some new people. I’ve tried to forget the past and just focus on the future.

But I still live in a house that I shared with my husband. I still use the things that we purchased together on a daily basis. I walk through the rooms and I am bombarded with memories of both happy and sad times spent together here.

I suck at starting over because I suck at letting go.

I think that you have to be able to let go to start fresh. And I’m unable to do that for so many different reasons.

I can’t throw out all of my possessions and start over with new ones like I would like to. I just can’t afford it. And even if I could, I still live in a house that we shared and the memories of that wont go away unless I move — which I am not in a position to do right now.

See my dilemma?

And honestly — even if I could move and start over with all new things, my heart still holds on. There are so many things I still hope for, things that I know are impossible, but again — letting go is hard.

So what do you do? How do you just let go of things that you had your heart set on for so long?

I want to start over. I want 2016 to be a year where I really grow and where I’m really and truly happy.

I don’t want to be stuck like I was all last year.

I know what I need to really move on … I need real answers and real reasons and truthful conversations. I need closure that I just haven’t gotten yet.

So I guess that is where my head is at today….

A Better Way to Paint

My kids love to create. They are always drawing, coloring, building … and attempting to drag out any and every pot of paint we have in the house.

Now it’s not to say that I’m not okay with them painting, it’s just that I like to supervise the activity. Painting is so messy. Their clothes get dirty, the table turns into a mess, and whatever else they touch with paint on their hands ends up ruined by the time I find the paint spot.

Not any more.

When the opportunity arose to check out Kwik Stix, I was immediately interested.

kwik stix

A paint stick that dries in 90 seconds, doesn’t need water, and looks similar to a crayon so you don’t need paint brushes and the mess that comes along with them.

Count me in!!

When the paint sticks arrived, I couldn’t wait to open them.

They remind me of elementary school art class and drawing at my aunts house when I was little. Specifically of the cray-pas “crayons” that were available in both places. And these were my favorite things to draw with as a kid.

In short — these Kwik Stix are awesome. They are a very comfortable size for little hands to hold, and big hands just the same. The color goes on smoothly and I love that within a minute and half the picture is completely dry. The kids can hang up their work immediately or they can fold it up and mail it to a family member.


The colors are bright and super vibrant. I really like that the tubes look like they will last for a long time. The kids have been drawing with them almost non stop since they arrived and we still have a lot left.

Storage is easy, and they are mess free enough that we can take them with us to use in the car or at gramma’s house.

All in all, the kids were super excited to get the okay to paint whenever they wanted, and I have been very happy with the severe decrease in mess.

Visit the Kwik Stix website to learn more!

Perfect Presents For Mother’s Day 2016

Mother’s Day is such an important celebration. It’s a handy reminder to appreciate Moms everywhere. Of course, they should be shown love and respect all year round! But it’s easy to forget how much your Mom has done for you and take her for granted. So many of us are guilty of that at some point in time or another. Not everyone is lucky enough to have their Mom around, and it’s something lots of people don’t think about until it’s too late. So spoil her. Show her how much you care. Make the whole day all about her, and make sure she knows how much you appreciate her this Mothering Sunday.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 2.10.13 PM

Deciding what to buy as a gift for Mother’s day can be difficult. What do you buy the woman who has everything? Flowers and chocolates don’t show much thought or imagination, so how do you find the perfect present?

Get Creative

Instead of giving her a bouquet that will be consigned to the bin in a week, if she’s keen on flowers, why not take another approach? A floristry day course is ideal for the fans of flora and fauna. Let someone tell her what to do for a change! Learning new skills has so many benefits. She might even find she has a hidden talent.

Picture Perfect

Photos of your family are a lovely way to make lasting mementos of your memory. You can make some stunning arrangements without breaking the bank. Collages of your family are marvelous for remembering good times gone by. Snapfish has some excellent offers, and you can even get free prints! It’s not expensive to pick up pretty picture frames. Print off your favorite photographs of the kids and voila! ON a budget? This is still a thoughtful gift that doesn’t look cheap.

Gifts That Keep on Giving

Want to treat your Mom all year round? Why not buy her a subscription to something she loves? A pre-paid subscription for her favorite magazine will make sure she never misses an issue. Or perhaps she has a collection that she would love to add to. Atlas Editions specialize in a comprehensive series of collectible figures, ornaments and replica pieces. These delightful models are released on a month by month basis. They’re the gift that keeps on giving. Isn’t it always exciting to get a little treat in the post?

Time For Tea

If your Mom loves hot drinks like tea and coffee, why not buy her a personalized cup? You could even have her photo on it! Some Moms would hate that, so I think it’s best to stick to pictures of the Grandkids! A lot people hate having their photo taken and would hate to see their mug on a mug. There are some truly individual gift ideas at Simply Personalized. Personalized gifts are excellent, though, you can ensure that it is truly a unique gift for a special mother!

Give Her A Break
If there’s anything most Moms need, it’s a bit of time to themselves. Why not pamper your parent this year on Mother’s day? Cook her dinner, or take her out for a meal. Do the dishes. Run the hoover round. Do something that makes her life easier. She’s spent most of hers running around after you, so why not return the favor?

Falling in Love with My First Fix

I love fashion. I’m just not super fashion savvy. My wardrobe tends to be fairly boring.

Scrubs and tee shirts for work, yoga pants at home after work, and my version of dressing nicely on the weekends. This usually consists of my favorite skinny jeans, boots and a comfy dolman top. Nothing too fancy, but it works for me.

However, I want to expand my wardrobe a bit, and I want a few staples that can be dressed up a bit more than my comfy, soft shirts and oversized sweaters.

After searching around online a bit, and not really knowing what to pick out for myself, I decided to give Stitch Fix a try.

If you have never heard of Stitch Fix before, they are online personal shoppers. You fill out a style profile and your personal stylist picks out 5 items that she thinks you will love. They are delivered to your door with cards and tips telling you exactly how to style each piece and a pre-paid return envelope for anything you’re not crazy about.

You have three days to try everything on and figure out what you are keeping and what you want to return. If you decide to keep all 5 items, you get 25% off your purchase — which is a pretty sweet deal. There is a $20 styling fee that you put down when you schedule your fix, but that goes towards anything you buy.

I was a total cheater, and looked at what was coming in my fix as soon as I got the notification that it was on its way. I immediately fell in love with a few of the items just based on their pictures and it made me even more excited for them to arrive.

My fix showed up a day early, and as soon as I got home from work I tried everything on. Then I brought it all to my moms and made her take pictures of each outfit. She wasn’t super thrilled to take the pictures for me (she is not the greatest photographer) but she did really like each of the items and was just as excited as I was to check them out.

So — I got 5 items.  A pair of skinny jeans, an awesome denim jacket and 3 shirts.


I love, love, LOVE this exposed zipper dolman top. It looks super cute paired with the skinny jeans, and I have the perfect pair of booties to go with it. It’s just my style and I can picture myself wearing this top very frequently. This was the only item that didn’t have a picture in my preview online, so I was very pleasantly surprised by it.

cowl neck

I never wear cowl necks, and when I first saw the picture of this, I hated it. I figured that I would never in a million years like it, and I wondered if I would ever even try it on. It was the first thing I pulled out of the box and the subtle patter and fun texture immediately drew me in. It’s a super comfy top, and I think it would also look good with black leggings and a black tank under it (it’s a little bit see through).


This moto jacket is my new obsession. I’m literally obsessed with it. I just keep taking it out and looking at it. I LOVE it so much — it is going to be a constant staple in my wardrobe this spring. It can be dressed up or down, plus it’s super comfortable. I have some bright tops that are going to look perfect under this jacket. Did I mention I love it?!

stripe top

I loved this stripe top when I saw it online. I loved it when I first took it out of the box. Then I put it on and I hated it. However, the more I wore it, the more I liked it. I think I would like it better with gray jeans or with darker denim. It’s one that I’m honestly only getting because it ends up being “free” when I take the 25% discount into account. I do like it, but I really wanted to love it.

The jeans are the only other item that I am on the fence about. The style is perfect for me, and I love that the denim is soft and has a decent amount of stretch. I tend to be in between sizes, and they sent me the bigger size of the two. They fit okay, the length is perfect and I do really like how they fit in the thigh area, my only concern is how stretched out and big they would be in the waist after wearing them for a few hours.

All in all, I am beyond thrilled with this fix. I do plan on keeping everything as the $20 credit and 25% off really make it worth it.

I plan on scheduling another fix around my birthday next month, and I already can’t wait for it to arrive!

Have you tried Stitch Fix? What did you think? Tell me in the comments!

Potato Chips and Squats

It’s no secret that I have been in a bit of a personal funk for the last year or so. I used to find so much pleasure in writing my blog and I lost that last year. I was depressed, and didn’t want to bring everyone else down with me, so I just stopped writing.

But I found that I missed it more that I realized. I started journaling again — just for myself, as most if it was too private for anyone else to see. I will admit — some of those journal entries turned into blog posts, but they are still sitting in drafts. I’m not sure if I will ever really be ready to publish them or not.

In finding my voice again, I found that there was still a part of me that needed to grow and change. I’ve spent a lot of time stuck and holding on this past two years, and while it is a huge struggle to let go, I have slowing been working on doing that. On finding me. And listening to that tiny voice inside that always keeps pushing me.

Tonight, after a long day at work, a stressful weekend, and the overwhelming “joy” that comes with having traffic court in the morning, just as I grabbed the new bag of potato chips, that little voice decided to pipe up.

I have been making some really good choices lately. Doing things that I know are good for me because I want them for me and not for someone else. Don’t read the rest of the paragraph mom — but I quit smoking 5 and a half weeks ago (woo-hoo) and I have been *trying* to eat a bit healthier. Minus that bag of chips I mentioned earlier.

But what I really need to do is get off my butt and get back into working out regularly. I have been working out. I cannot lie — I love me some squats. I tend to do them while zoning out watching my shows or a movie. Quick and easy, you know, my kind of workout.

Yet I really feel like I need a sweat your ass off, ready to drop dead by the end of it workout.

Do you ever feel that way??

I never used to. It’s something completely new, and I am trying to embrace it.

Well, my healthy minded self is. My lazy self that just wants to eat potato chips puts up a pretty decent fight.

It’s usually a toss up as to who wins for the night.

Such is life I guess.

So for now, I am working on finding the balance between those delicious potato chips and doing more than just the squats that are keeping said potato chips from settling in my behind. 😉