Coping with a Loved Ones Addiction

Unfortunately, substance abuse is something that I know a lot about. Having had many friends and loved ones that have suffered from addiction over the years, I have been forced to learn as much about the topic as I possibly could. Contrary to many stereotypes, anyone can suffer from substance abuse. Many of the friends that I have seen go through it were what is considered privileged, “upper-class” kids … and for some reason, being of that social standing leads {Read More}

Minimize Drafts in Your Home Before Winter Arrives

When we think of winter, we have the classic images of huddling by the fireplace and getting cozy with a hot cup of cocoa in our warm, relaxing homes. In an ideal world, this is exactly how things would unfold. Unfortunately, winter is a battle against nature and the elements as much as anything, and our home is our first and only line of defense. And while it usually gets the job done, there a few issues that seem to {Read More}

9 Ways To Find Coupons

You don’t have to guest star on Extreme Couponing to enjoy the feeling of getting a deal. Here are nine ways to find coupons for your next shopping trip. 1: Ask The Manufacturer The easiest way to get coupons is also the most direct. Simply call or email the manufacturer and ask if there are any coupons available for your favorite products. If they exist, the company will send them to you. They want you to spend money on their {Read More}

Identity Theft – Protect Your Identity From Hackers

Identity Theft on the Rise Identity theft has increased exponentially over the years. Ever since the economy took a turn for the worst, scammers have been looking for ways to get through the difficult times. Identity theft was popular before the economic downturn, but it has increased in recent years. Just last year alone, there were more replacement cards sent from institutional banks than ever before. This is due to the fact that accounts were being compromised left and right. {Read More}

The Value of Proper Gear For Your Softball Player

When your kids are involved in sports, you want it to be the best possible experience. You want them to win some games. You hope they perform well. And of course, you hope they don’t get hurt. Those are all sensible goals, but they don’t happen without your help. You know that you can’t just drop your daughter off at the field on the first day of softball practice and expect her to achieve those things. It takes an investment {Read More}

Breast Cancer Charities Do More Fund Research

Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of hospitalization and death among women, and the condition can affect women as young as those in their early 20s. Many people only think about breast cancer when a family member receives a diagnosis or when they see the pink ribbon items appearing in stores every year. Though some think that breast cancer charities and organizations only fund research into the disease, these charities actually do a lot to help those stricken {Read More}

3 Ways POS Receipt Printers Increase Profits for Small Businesses

The phrase “Stop and smell the roses,” comes to mind. People spend so many hours rushing to and from activities that they rarely stop to admire the rose’s beauty, fragrance, or intricate design. This happens all too often, when we touch or see the same thing daily. We fail to realize how nice the warm sun feels or how hearing the sound of children playing makes us smile. We may enjoy the moment, but we don’t appreciate its worth until {Read More}

Choosing the Right Sport for Your Child

Sports can help your child thrive, both in body and mind. Sports have an incredible way of bonding children, and they’re an exercise in team building, teaching children to socialize and communicate. Furthermore, sports improve concentration and hand-eye coordination. The benefits are innumerable, which is why most parents consider sports a healthy activity for their children. The following guide outlines some of the most popular youth sports. Remember: It’s important to consider your child’s age, size, and skills before placing {Read More}

TotSpot: A Quick, Easy and Fun way to Buy and Sell Kids Clothes


As all moms know, the amount of clothes your child needs and has is unreal. Every season, I go through the kids drawers and pull out what they no long need, and I also go through their “storage” bins to see what I packed away the previous year in the hopes that it would still fit. This leaves to lots of clothes laying around and a big expense to get new ones. In comes TotSpot …. an easy and fun {Read More}

What Are Some Interesting Jewelry Designs for Christians?

New jewelry designs reach the market every day. Many of these designs are timeless styles that will be just as popular years from now as they are today. Express your beliefs in a way that is both stylish and effective with a wonderful and unique piece of jewelry. There is a variety of necklaces and bracelets with crosses, doves and hearts that would make great gifts for a newly-baptized child. These jewelry designs are similar to those worn by adults {Read More}