Taking Charge

While I was cooking dinner, Violet decided that I was taking too long to feed Ian and that all his whining was due to the fact that he was unable to wait any longer for dinner. She then took it upon herself to go into the fridge, get out a jar of baby food, open it, get a spoon and napkin, and feed him dinner. He was SO excited that she was feeding him that he ate almost the whole jar!
What a wonderful little helper I have! 🙂

Mommy Rules!

After getting into trouble the other day, Violet decided to go play outside. She ran into the neighbor out there and promptly informed her that she was “Sick of all the rules” and went about her business of moping about on the swing set. This whole conversation was unknown to me, until the following day when my Mom called me to tell me about it. She knows that neighbor, who happened to tell her what happened because she thought that Violet was just so cute and funny.
Upon being asked why she was sick of all the rules, Violet told me (with a sigh) that she “just was.”
When I tried to get more specifics out of her, like what rules exactly she was sick of, she shook her head, smiled and responded:
“Oh Mom! You know! The Mommy Rules!” and went skipping off down the hallway.

She makes a good point, because I too think that “Mommy Rules!” 🙂

(What? I never mentioned that I am plagued with selective hearing?)

"I just can’t …."

Sitting at dinner tonight, my daughter surprised us in two ways. The first was that she was doing a fantastic job eating her dinner (with no arguments or negotiations!). The second surprise of the meal was when, out of no where, she said
“I just can’t be with you like this anymore Alejandro.”
Jay and I burst into laughter as our 3 year quoted Lady GaGa. You just don’t realize how much they really do hear…. And remember!

Wanted: Bear Cubs?!?

Jay loves CraigsList. He is boarder-line obsessed with looking on it. I like to take a peek sometimes, there is occasionally a funny post and reply. Well, we found this book – “Wanted, Bear Cubs for my Children” by Gary Fingercastle, and it is SO FUNNY! It is the documentation of fake posts that this author posted on various craigs lists, and all the crazy answers that he got! We have been reading it and laughing for days!
Needless to say, craigs list is an important on-line staple for Jay in our house. He can’t make it through the day without checking on it. I, however, seem to be ok with just reading the book.

Examples from book:
“Horse loose in apartment… help!”
“Monkey Butler up for Adoption”
“Hiring lazy, unmotivated manager”

Very funny book – highly recommended for a quick laugh!

The Missing Shoes

Today was Connor’s birthday party (Violet and Ian’s cousin), which was held at Chuck E Cheese. It was lots of fun, and the kids had a great time… the only “mishap” happened when Violet got out of the tunnels and couldn’t find her shoes! Someone had TAKEN THEM!! We were shocked and a bit horrified!!

After walking around for a few minutes we found the culprit – a two year old little girl. After about 5 minutes of convincing her that they weren’t really her shoes (It was obvious that they were not her shoes by the fact that they were about 5 sizes too big for her!), she took them off and ran back over to the tunnels to claim another pair!

Violet wants me to add that she does not find it funny or amusing that her shoes were taken. She was down right horrified by the whole event.

The Juice Pitcher

I love doing the dishes. Unloading the dishwasher to be more exact. Especially late at night, when I am trying to be super quiet so I don’t wake up the kids.

I had to put away my favorite blue bowl. It goes on the highest shelf in the cabnet.

BUT, before the bowl could go to its home, I had to take a few things out of the way – namely the Juice Pitcher.

As I reached up to get it down (now I am tall and I had to stand on my tippy-toes), it fell! Trying to avoid making any loud noises, I did an awkward move and tried to catch it in my arms (so there was no loud clatter AND I didn’t want to drop my bowl!) Boy, did that work out great! The pitcher bounced off my arms, into my nose and landed very loudly on the counter!

My nose looked good too!

I think the bleeding gash really adds something to my look.

I just LOVE doing the dishes!! 🙂

Mall Trip!

A few days ago while I was online, I stumbled across a really great promotion that was being run by The Gap called the “Gap Give and Get Program”. To participate, you pick a non-profit organization (I choose the World Wildlife Fund) and your entire purchase at Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic was 30% off PLUS the non-profit of your choice receives 5% of what you spend. It sounded like an awesome deal, and I was extra excited because I really need a few new pairs of jeans.

There were only two things wrong with the deal:

1.) You could not use the coupon online – it was in stores only. No big deal, I planned for the day as best I could. I got everyone up and ready early to head to the mall – I wanted to try to beat some of the back-to-school shoppers, and was super excited when I got there that the mall wasn’t too busy yet. I drug both kids into The Gap store, found the jean display and started digging.

As soon as my back was turned my daughter becomes a whirlwind of terror, and is running up and down the isles, causing a sales person to come and offer her assistance. I told her what I was looking for, and left her to find it while I wrangled Violet back over to the stroller (where her brother was throwing Gerber Cheese Doodles). I got back to  problem number 2 – the very exciting news that they did  not have my size, nor did they carry it in the store.

I was okay with the fact that they didn’t have my size. I will admit, it was a little inconvenient, but I figured that they would have a similar policy to other stores where they would be able to order my size online and still give me the discount. No. They can’t.

I asked the sales girl, and evidently, they would have to order it the same way that I would, they could not give me any type of discount on shipping, or honor the current promotion.

Needless to say, it is not a good day to wear a size 14L.

The Blue Spoon

Ian has started the “blue spoon” trend – he refused to give it up at dinner a few nights ago, and has not let it go since!
After watching her brother enjoy the spoon so much for a few days, she just couldn’t help herself – she had to see what it was all about (mind you Ian was screaming when I walked in because she took the spoon.)
Romeo found the spoon on the table (Ian threw it) and when I came out, he looked away and pretended that I couldn’t see him.
After I left the kitchen, Romeo knocked the spoon off of the table and Otis was playing with it. When I heard and came in, he looked at me like he was just standing there, doing nothing of importance.

For some reason, EVERYONE is my house LOVES this blue baby spoon. As you can see, I caught them all playing with it yesterday… Weird.

Don’t sell my clothes!!

I am a self admitted eBay addict. I LOVE eBay – I buy, I sell, I buy… I just can’t get enough.

Violet is horrified of the thought of her worldly possessions being sold. Every change of season, we go through a tearful farewell as I pack up her out of season clothes and put her new ones in her dresser and closet. It is even more tearful when I pull the same clothes back out a few months later to list on eBay.

Violet can’t be happy for the new without being sad for the old. While she loves getting new clothes and shoes, she has a terribly hard time saying goodbye to the things that she can no longer wear.

Because it is back to school time (yippy!) I have been digging out Violet’s and Ian’s fall and winter clothes from last year to place for sale. When Violet saw what I was doing, she tearfully pulled out a dress from last year, hugged it and said goodbye. She then insisted on trying all the clothes that I was getting rid of on – to prove that they still fit of course!

It goes without saying that the one she wanted to keep the most no longer looked like a dress but resembled a short sleeve shirt!

Two Kids, One Box …..