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Top Ten {Tuesday} – Top Ten Photos

Here are my Top Ten Family Photos:

1.) Violet and Ian in a giant box.
2.) Violet as a baby with her hat on. I just love this picture, I always have. It was actually on her birth announcements. She is looking over her dad’s shoulder.
3.) Comfy Baby! Ian snuggling on my bed.
4.) My beautiful girl with her look a like American Girl doll. I love the matching dresses!
5.) Romeo does not like to be left out…. EVER! He just couldn’t help himself, if Ian was going to be in the crib then so was he!
6.) He was so, SO tired that he fell asleep while eating dinner!
7.) Mommy and Violet. I just love this picture, not sure why, I just really do.
8.) Din-na-nin-na-nin-na-nin-na- BATMAN!
9.) My babies loving each other <3 Sibling love 🙂
10.) Violet “sneaking” up the stairs at my mom’s house (Amma). I LOVE the face she is making! Haha
Bonus picture!! I know that it is a “Top Ten” but I love this picture. This is a picture of my parents, and it’s just such a great picture. I had to add it!

Okay, Okay, so I put 11. I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t pick which photo to leave out! Here are my Top 11 Family Photos!

Top Ten {Tuesday}

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Elmer’s CraftBond adhesives and X-ACTO cutting tools REVIEW

I recently tried out some Elmer’s CraftBond adhesives and X-ACTO scissors as part of a Bzz Campaign through BzzAgent. I received my BzzKit, and when I opened it up I got 2 pairs of X-ACTO decorative edge scissors, an X-ACTO corner rounder punch, an Elmer’s CraftBond permanent tape runner, an Elmer’s clear glue pen and an all-purpose glue stick. I also got an assortment of Elmer’s glue spots. LOTS of fun stuff!

How could I resist starting to cut and glue right away?

My daughter and I started in on her birthday party favors, and used the Clear Glue Stick to do all the gluing. The small tip made it super easy to apply just the right amount of glue right where I needed it. Plus, it is shaped like a pen so my daughter was able to easily use it as well.

Goody Bags for Birthday Party

 Along with making Goody Bags, we also made some Halloween decorations for the house. We used the scissors to cut out mouths for jack-o-lanterns, and we used both the all-purpose glue stick and the glue pen. Both worked out very nice. My daughter was also able to use the scissors (as I was trying to clean up, she was continuing to cut every piece of paper she could get her hands on. She has only recently been able to use scissors, and got her first pair of “paper scissors” last week. To hear more about her first scissor use, click here.)

Pumpkin decorations

I haven’t had a chance to use some of the other products yet – we are planning to purchase a scrapbook kit to document Violet’s last year of preschool in a fun way! The products that I have used so far are amazing, and I will definitely keep you posted on the other items (I am very excited to try the glue spots and the corner rounder for my pictures.)

My daughter says: “Can I use the scissors, Mom?” 

I received all the products to try, free of charge, in exchange for my honest opinion of them through a word of mouth marketing company, BzzAgent. These opinions are completely honest and they are my own.

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Healthy Halloween Recipe for Kids

My daughter loves to cook with me. I found this recipe, among others, at Barefoot Books. They offer lots of great activities that can be downloaded for free. This is listed under “Healthy Halloween Recipes”:

Dracula’s Gelatin
A Barefoot Activity for Kids Ages 8 and up**
A spooky fruit and gelatin recipe straight from Dracula’s kitchen.
quantity Makes 3-4 small glasses (tubs)
kitchen rules
• Wash your hands before you start!
• Always have a grown-up in the kitchen with you when you cook

What to Find:
• 1 ¼ oz packet unflavored gelatin
(enough to set 2 ½ cups liquid);
For a vegetarian version, use agar-agar, following the instructions on packet
• 1 ½ cups blueberries or blackberries
• ¼ cups boiling water
• 2 ¼ cups dark red or blue berry juice
(e.g. blueberry or cranberry)

Kitchen Stuff
• Mixing bowl
• Measuring cup
• Tea pot
• Tablespoon
• Containers (for gelatin)

What to do:
1. Wash the fruit and pat dry with a paper towel.
2. Put the gelatin into the measuring cup. Pour ¼ cup boiling water over the gelatin and stir carefully with a spoon, to dissolve it.
3. Add the berry juice to the dissolved gelatin so that it fills the measuring cup up
to 2 ½ cups.
4. Divide the fruit between the containers and pour the gelatin mixture over the fruit.
5. Put Dracula’s gelatin in the fridge for about 45 minutes to set.
• Add more fruit than gelatin for set fruit.

**Barefoot Books classifies this as an “activity” for ages 8 and up, but I did it with my 3 year old. I did all the prep, while she did the pouring, mixing and measuring of everything but the boiling water 🙂

V’s Fantastic Party

Today was Violet’s 4th Birthday party – It was A BLAST! I had so much fun … oh yeah, and so did she 🙂

We booked the party at a local kids gymnastics venue. It started out with an hour of gymnastic basics – balance beam, trampoline, uneven bars and much more. Then, after a brief drink break, they blew up three inflatable bounce-a-rounds and the kids went C.R.A.Z.Y.!! They loved it! We then had snacks, cake and did presents.

It was a great party, and the our “party hosts” were fantastic – they did a great job with the kids and really kept the party moving and lots of fun!

I took a TON of photos, but the kids moved SO much and SO fast that only a few came out good. I LOVED the cake! It turned out adorable!