Not the Weekend I Envisioned

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This was supposed to be an awesome weekend. We had lots of plans, and nothing went the way it was supposed to.

I have been trying to get to my grandma’s to swim every single Friday for the past month. It has rained every Friday that we planned to hang out. This Friday had a so/so forecast, but we decided to go for it anyways.

Then my cousin canceled. Part of getting together was so our kids could hang out. She did end up making it at the last minute, which turned out to be a lot of rain-free fun.

The kids had a blast swimming and playing with each other! And I had fun catching up with my cousin.

And were super tired. E fell asleep on the way home, and woke up feeling a little crummy. He was complaining that his mouth hurt, and I thought that he must’ve bit his tongue at some point. I could not have been more wrong — and proven so when he threw up all over the kitchen during dinner.

Our plans were officially canceled for the weekend.

We had plans to spend the weekend a few states away at the SixFlags Great Adventure and Safari. I knew there was no way that we would be able to make the drive that night while the kids slept because of the chance that E might be up sick all night.

Saturday was spent mostly hanging around the house in our pjs. E had some very restless sleep in the afternoon (but no more throwing up!), and I had to rush my step father up the hospital mid-morning.

My step dad had been in the hospital last week with a really bad kidney stone. They sent him home and planned to remove it in a few weeks. Well, he went to bed feeling fine Friday night, and woke up early with a lot of pain and the shakes. After staying home and trying to sleep it off for a few hours, he called me for a ride to the emergency room.

Thank goodness he did!!

He ended up having a fever of 104.7 and a blood infection.

I went up to the hospital this morning with my mom to see him and talk to the doctors in the ICU. They have managed to get his fever down a bit (it was 103.4 when we left around noon) and are monitoring him around the clock. He is on a heavy duty antibiotic, and they think that the blood infection was caused by a kidney infection. He is still in a lot of pain from the kidney stone, and we are all concerned about the still high fever.

The doctor and nurse that we spoke to were wonderful – and took a lot of time to answer all of our questions. At this point, he is looking at a bit of a hospital stay. But the doctor is hopefully that once the fever is under control he will no longer need to be in the ICU, which is a comforting thought.

Right now were are just waiting for news, praying for a positive outcome, and calling for regular updates.

Yea, definitely not how I thought this weekend was going to go.

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