My Kids Favorite Everyday Toys

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My kids probably have many more toys then they really need. They are blessed with very giving grandparents, and parents that love to get them special treats. We do purge their toys ever three months or so – and my kids help me go through their rooms and the playroom, and we pull out all of the toys that they no longer play with. These toys are then donated to a variety of places – including one that gives clothes, toys and household items to people who cannot afford them on their own.

The kids actually look forward to doing this, and will ask me every now and again when it is time to donate toys. It makes me very proud that they want to help others.

Yet there are a few toys that are strictly off limits when donate time comes around. Both kids take special care to make sure their favorites are pulled out and placed in a safe spot.

Out Safari Ltd toys always end up in the “must save” pile.

And it is no surprise. My kids both play with at least one of these toys ever single day.

They love their Safari Ltd toys, and I love the amount of creative play that happens when they come out. The horses go on long adventures, the fairies help the pirate, and the dragon almost always makes some sort of appearance.

These toys have been through a lot – they have had adventures outside, inside, in water and mud, and have taken long trips in the car with us. They are super easy to wash off if they get dirty, and they are made so solidly that I don’t worry about my kids breaking them.

Our collection is slowing growing, and I was so excited to find out that I can purchase these toys at my local JoAnn’s Fabrics store! The kids love to go there with me now because they get to look at all the different animals, dragons and people that they have in stock.

Both kids are making lists for which ones they would like to add to their collection – and they are at the top of their birthday and Christmas list. I love when they want toys that require them to use their imagination and not ones that need batteries! :)

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