My 2 Minute Grateful List

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I have been having a very rough month. I am super stressed from all of this soy allergy business, and I am feeling overwhelmed with what I can and cannot eat/use, plus V is having a rough start back to school (we are seriously considering homeschooling).

I have been really down, and I have been feeling sick and just not myself.

I found this post on Finding Joy … and I decided that a grateful list may be just what I needed. So I am setting a timer for two minutes, and I am writing down everything that I am grateful for.

Here goes ….

I am Grateful For:

my animals
my step dad is doing better
my supportive fiance
the soy free chocolate chip morsels I found
ice cream (but I haven’t found a soy free version yet!)
spell check :)
memories of my dad
spring flowers
thunder/rain storms
the food that I can eat
my new couch coming Monday
the party on Saturday

Well, there is my list. It did make me feel better to write it all out. It gives me a bit of peace to look at what is good and positive in my life.

This may be something that I have to do a bit more often….

Do you ever make a grateful list?

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    Those are all awesome things to be grateful for. Sorry to hear about the stress and the soy allergy. I hope your days are getting better.

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      Jessie says:

      Thanks Jodi. Things are getting a bit easier as my list of foods I can eat are slowing growing. It is just a big adjustment … and its a bit harder with the kids. I have been making two meals, which I don’t like to do, but they aren’t as happy to eat meals of mostly veggies yet!


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