Monster Lifeguard Printable Craft

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My kids absolutely love doing craft projects. When they hear me open the closet with all of our craft supplies, they get so excited that they are literally bouncing up in down in anticipation of what we are going to do. Lately, I have been looking online for some inspiration, and I have found some really awesome printables.

Most recently, I was sent a fun “monster lifeguard” printable craft project that I knew my kids would love to make.

I gathered up all of my materials (Glue, scissors, and paper) and headed over to my printer to get these babies started. I was very happy with the details of the picture — as usually, my HP ink and printer did not let me down!

Now let me take a quick second to say that I have previously used many types of ink and printers in my home. My last few printer purchases have been HP printers. I just love them… but what I really love about them is using the HP ink. The ink always provides true to life colors in my photographs, and crisp, clean lines no matter what I am printing.

Using high quality HP ink definitely made a difference with the project!

The kids were super excited to get started. I did have to help E cut out his monster, but V went right to town with hers. She has mastered cutting right on the line (something that I am not that great at sometimes!) and I was amazed with how quickly she got her monster cut out.

The directions were easy to follow, and in no time at all, we had some super cute Monster Lifeguards hanging out with out!

If you are looking for a fun and easy craft project to do with you little ones download the “Lifeguard Monitor Monster” today!


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