Medical emergencies when on vacation

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Getting sick on vacation is one of the top fears travellers have, however becoming hospitalized during a vacation is no longer a fear but a full nightmare. Most of us know someone who has become seriously ill while travelling. In fact, international travel stats indicate that 1 in 30 people will become hospitalized while abroad each year. Being in a foreign hospital, away from familiar surroundings, without the comfort of family and friends, and sometimes not even speaking the language can be a daunting thought. While most travel insurance policies and platinum cards offer the traveller a spectrum of protection, they often have restrictions when it comes to emergency international medical evacuation. Moving from a foreign hospital to one that is close to home can cost tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars- often putting the traveller and their family not only in emotional but also financial turmoil. Thankfully, you can get more medical evacuation insurance through MedjetAssist which will move its members if they find themselves more than 150 miles away from home to a hospital close to their familiar hometown surroundings. The representatives will also arrange for emergency messages between the member and their family, friends and business partners. Since communication during medical crisis is vital, MedjetAssist will also arrange for translation services so that the member is fully aware of all their options. Travelling can be a great pastime and with a bit of foresight and planning it will never become a big nightmare.





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