Make Use Of Those Old T-Shirts

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It can be tough to think of ways to keep the kids entertained, especially during the summer holidays. Whilst everyone likes a nice break every once in a while, not everyone can afford to jet off into the sun every weekend. Most people have to make do with what’s in their surrounding areas but even then; trips to the same park can grow old.

Thinking of alternative ways to keep the kids entertained whilst not breaking the bank for yourself can be tough, and inspiration can be taken from the resources at your disposal. Instead of throwing away those old t-shirts with the dodgy patterns on them, why not make an activity out of them and help the kids create their own crafted t-shirts? Not only does this save you money, but also allows the children to express themselves in a way they probably never have done before. As well as providing the children with a new activity, this takes a lot of pressure off you as a parent as you can just let them get down to it.

Arguably one of the most appealing factors for the kids will be the permission to draw and paint all over a garment of clothing without the fear of reprimand. I certainly remember as a child feeling dread when I got ink or paint on a new piece of clothing!

If you have any existing commitments with old clothes (you may give them away to charity, for example) then fear not! You can easily pick up a pack of plain t-shirts from many discount clothing stores and these shouldn’t set you back any more than a few dollars. The same can be said for implements used to design the garments. A variety of fabric markers can be readily picked up from almost any craft store and whilst these probably don’t make the best t-shirts, the obvious benefit they have over paint is the fact that there is a much smaller chance that you’ll find them plastered all over the walls the next day!

It must be said though, that there really is no substitute for paint and this provides you with so many more options and flexibility for mixing colours. Obvious precautions should be taken with paint and it’s wise to lay down some old newspaper or bedsheets over carpets, the table and other surfaces that you don’t fancy scrubbing paint out of! Another idea might be to have a bucket of soap and water at the ready, or have the children carry out the activity in close proximity to a sink. We all know what kids are like, and despite a walk to the sink being a routine task, when there’s paint on their hands God only knows where it may end up!

Finally, it may be worth investing in some stencils if the kids want to create pretty patterns. Obviously, some may wish to throw a load of paint on to the t-shirt as a way of expressing themselves, but it would be nice for each child to have the option to create a pretty t-shirt that they are proud of in their own way.

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