Live and Love Pottery

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I have a confession to make – I love coffee mugs.

Yes, you read that right. Well, it isn’t just coffee mugs… it’s coffee mugs and bowls. Large mugs… any size bowl.

And my favorite kind of mugs and bowls … handmade of course!

Thank goodness for Etsy! I can search for pottery to my hearts content. And let me tell you – I do. I could spend hours and hours on Etsy, and before I know it, the entire night is gone.

One shop that I found and can’t get enough of is Live and Love Pottery. All of their pieces are just beautiful, but I am really drawn to all the beautiful glazes that they use. The turquoise especially.

I started out with two mugs – A large, short, soup-cup shaped bowl; and a “milk cup” which is an awesome mug with no handle!

My large mug has quickly become my go-to tea mug. It is the perfect sized cup, and I love that I can wrap both of my hands around it. I drink everything out of a mug, which is probably why I love my “milk cup” so much! It fits the perfect amount of milk, and I love that it keeps it colder for longer. It is my mug of choice for all cold beverages (it works for hot beverages too – V has had hot cocoa in it!).

I had been visiting stalking their shop for a while, and finally order some new pottery. I had been wanting some new cereal bowls for awhile, and I love the turquoise glaze, so when I saw these, I just couldn’t help myself!

These bowls are PERFECT in every way – I love them so much! And so do the kids. We have only had them a few days, and have used them every single day. They are perfect for E. He can easily eat his cereal (and soup!) from these because they have a slight curve in as the get to the top. It helps push whatever he is scooping onto his spoon, so more gets into his mouth and stays off of the table.

All Live and Love Pottery is made with glazes that are 100% food safe, non-toxic, lead-free, dishwasher and microwave safe. Every piece is fired to cone 5.

Stop by the Live and Love Pottery shop to see all of the fabulous pieces that they have to offer!



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