Let’s Get Brushing!!

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These past few weeks, I have talked to you about the nasty germs that can be on your toothbrush, and I have shared some of my “tricks” for getting my kids to brush. This week, I thought that I would give you some “dental health facts” and leave you with a short list of websites to check out for additional information on dental health.

Fact number 1:

You probably aren’t brushing long enough! You must brush for at least 2 minutes twice a day to really clean your teeth and remove the most plaque.

Fact number 2:

Don’t always start brushing in the same place!! Most people are more vigorous when they first start brushing, so if you start in the same place every time you brush, those teeth will get super clean while others may get neglected. Start in a different place each time so that you don’t fall into a routine that can end up with you being bored and not brushing as well by the time you reach the last quarter of your mouth.

Fact number 3:

Change your toothbrush every three months!! Bristles can break and fray, and bacteria can grow – which is why you must remember to sterilize your toothbrush in between using it! To ensure that you get the best brush possible, you need to change your brush when it is showing sings of wear and tear, or every three months … whichever comes first.

Check out these sites for more dental facts:

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