Join Animal Planet, PetFinder and Animal Haven in Celebrating Adopt A Shelter Dog Month!

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I am a firm supporter of pet adoption. We regularly visit and donate to our local shelters, and I have been adopting pets all my life. My mom set the example when I was very young by rescuing 2 dogs for a shelter in Arkansas, and I have continued on with that mindset all my life.

My Furry Babies

Romeo was adopted a few years back from a local shelter – he was the sweetest little kitty (even though they had named him Doomsday) and loves to snuggle on his own terms. He is the king of the roost here and all the other animals defer to him in any situation. He had been dropped off at the shelter with his sister – who had been picked up for her new home the same day we met him. While I thought he would love being an only cat, we found out that he was lonely and missed the companionship of another kitty.

So Jay and V brought home Otis. Now, Otis is not a rescue. Well, he kind of is. He was at a pet store …. but not a great one. There were an over abundance of kittens and Otis was small (only about 4 weeks old) and scared… V fell in love with him and Jay told her that she could bring him home. I was not overly pleased at first – I thought Romeo wouldn’t like a kitten, especially another male.

We were all surprised.

Romeo, it turns out, is very nurturing. He would carry Otis around from room to room, taught him how to use the litter box, groomed him, and would play with him for hours on end. Three years later and they are still the best of friends.

When we got Jasper, I was once again worried about how Romeo would react. He is not a big fan of dogs … but has slowly come to accept him. Jasper is another rescue that we found through Pet Finder. He had the sweetest eyes that I just couldn’t resit sending an email and asking about him. When I found out that he was still young (only 10 months old) and had been left on the side of a busy highway, my heart broke for him. He sat there, by the side of the road for an entire week waiting for his people to come back. The woman who picked him said that she could just not stand to see him sitting there anymore.

He has turned into an amazing dog. He is still a little afraid of changes – going in the car makes him very nervous. But the kids adore him and he loves them. He is playful, and now knows what life is like inside and not just on the end of a chain. He sleeps with V every night, and snuggles with me on the couch in the morning. He knows he is loved, and we are so lucky to have been able to add him to our family.

And our final addition is Molly. My little wonder kitty. She was born in our barn and her feral mother abandoned the litter when she was 2.5 weeks old. I bottle raised her from that point on, and while I had said that I would find her a forever home, I couldn’t stand the thought of parting with her. She is playful, and loving …. kinda wild and crazy, and a great little girl. She is the only girl of my furry babies, and all the boys (cats and dog) are crazy about her.

Join Animal Planet, Pet Finder and Animal Haven

I love to support companies that care about animals. I try to purchase products that will benefit a cause that I support, and I am super excited to share this great event with all of you!

Animal Planet, Petfinder and Animal Haven will host an adoption event featuring doggy makeovers at Animal Haven rescue in New York City on Saturday, October 13. All are invited to come down to the Soho location between 12 and 3pm to meet dozens of adoptable dogs, who will be pampered and made over with the new line of Animal Planet grooming products. In addition, the first 60 attendees to arrive will receive a free dog toy, and three Animal Planet gift baskets will be raffled at the event!!

If you are local to the area, please stop in and check it out. If you can’t attend, but are still interested in adding a new furry member to your family, visit PetFinder today to find the perfect pet!


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