It’s Not a Meal Without a Monster

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E is at that age where he wants to fight me on everything. Twos were super easy, now that threes are almost upon us, he has decided that he doesn’t like anything. Lunch, breakfast, dinner, his clothes, his toys…. well you get the picture!

I was getting frustrated.

E has always been a great eater. Like clean his plate good. And he would always eat anything you put in front of him. I knew that I had to figure something out to get him to keep his great eating habits.

Then I saw the iMonster Feeding Set from Nuby.

And I knew… this was the answer to our struggles!

I was right! E loves his monster plate, bowl and silverware set. LOVES THEM. He will eat anything that I serve on them, with no complaints.

He laughs when he eats his cereal and snacks in the monster bowl. He just loves that it is a one-eyed monster… and that it has feet! I have to admit, it is a super cute bowl. The entire set is very cute, colorful and fun.

He strives to eat all of his dinner at night so that he can see the whole monster on his plate. One of my favorite features of the plate is the high sides. We would always run into a problem with E trying to scoop some foods off of a regular plate – he would push them right over the side. He would be frustrated, and I would be frustrated by the big mess. The iMonster plate gives a large lip to not only keep his food on the plate, but it also helps him get it on his fork or spoon.

Speaking of his fork and spoon, I was a little leery of letting him use the fork. Most plastic forks are down right garbage. They are frustrating for E because he cannot actually stab anything up with them. I tried this fork out prior to letting him give it a shot and I wasvery impressed. It was easy to get food onto the prongs — even bananas which can be hard with a regular fork!

All in all we love the iMonster set. I end up washing them a few times throughout the day because he wants to use them for each meal :) E loves them, and I love that they have made meal times fun and interesting enough to keep him at the table eating!

Interested in learning more about all the Nuby products we have tried out? Check them out here: Nuby Mommy Blogger

{I was provided with a complimentary product to review. All opinions expressed are my own and 100% honest.}

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