It’s Candy Time #GetUnreal

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My kids are candy lovers. If it was allowed, they would eat candy all day every day for every single meal. I do try to limit the amount of candy and sweets that they get, so I was super happy when I heard about Unreal candy … A better for you version of all my kids favorite treats!

We had an awesome Unreal party and everyone was super excited to check out all the candies and delicious real food that I made.

Among the guests were a few close friends and family members, and they brought their little ones along to play and test out the treats. Now, I don’t know about your kids, but my kids are very hard to satisfy. They can be down right picky about all foods. Their candy has to be just right, “name brand” candy; they don’t want the store brand version.

So imagine my surprise when they LOVED all of the Unreal candy. They gobbled it up and asked for more. They loved the fun, more natural looking colors, and they said that it tasted great. Even Jay agreed (and he is the pickiest “kid” of them all!).

And our guests? They really liked the candies as well!

But I didn’t want to serve just candy (I mean, while candy is delish, the thought of many 2-6 year old kids running around my house with a sugar high is just not that appealing to me) so I whipped up some other healthy for you foods that are usually high in fat, calories and garbage.

I made some baked chicken wings, homemade guacamole with fresh homemade whole wheat tortilla chips, lots of fresh veggies, a big pot of chili, and juice pops. I hardly had any leftovers – which is always a great compliment for the cook :)

All in all it was an awesome party. We chatted, the kids played, and good food was enjoyed. I will say this – I was super jealous of everyone that was eating the candy. It looked and smelled amazing!! I didn’t get to try a piece because it did contain soy… hopefully a soy free version will be available in the near future!

{I was provided with complimentary candy for my party! All opinions are my own and 100% honest}

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