It’s All About The Bling Baby!

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Truth be told — My jewelry misses me.

When I had V, I found that it wasn’t very practical or easy to wear my favorite bangles. She would pull my necklaces and earrings (hard!) and after a while, I had a jewelry box full of beautiful pieces and I wasn’t wearing any of it.

I was pretty bummed out by my lack of accessorizing — especially because a diamond necklace makes me feel beautiful and put together…. even when wearing jeans and covered in my child’s lunch (which happens more often then I like to admit!).

Fast forward 5 years and another baby, and I am finally able to give my jewelry some love and wear my favorites without fear of them being pulled from my body!

It has been so much fun pulling out my old favorite pieces and shopping for new rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces — which just happen to be my favorite.

A necklace can really make an outfit. You can easily dress up a work outfit, night on the town outfit, or just jeans and a tee with the perfect necklace. It pulls a so-so outfit together, and with so many styles available it is hard to get bored. My idea of the perfect necklace? One with some sparkle, of course!

I try to wear at least one piece of “special” jewelry every day (which is something other than my standard earring studs and engagement ring). It always brightens my mood and boosts my confidence, no matter what I am doing.

It seems that I have passed my love of jewelry onto my daughter. She likes to wear necklaces and bracelets just as much as I do, and often asks to borrow one of mine :) She is counting down the days until I will let her get her ears pierced — we are thinking for her birthday as a special treat!

What is your favorite piece of jewelry? If you have a daughter – how old does/did she have to be to get her ears pierced?

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