How Would YOU Spend $1 Million Dollars?

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This post has been sponsored by the PCH. All thoughts are my own and 100% honest.

My mom and I have talked over the years about how we would spend a million dollars … if we over won that much. She has it all planned out, right to the very last cent, and while I have thought about it, I am a little more undecided in my “final” plans for it.

But the conversation came up again a few days ago because of the Publishers Clearing House and the chance to Win $1 Million plus $5,000 Every Week For Life Mega Prize!


The Mega Prize is BACK! You all remember when LeRoy Faulks won Publishers Clearing House first-ever Mega Prize, right? Well I’m sure you’d love to be the next person to win $1 Million plus $5,000 Every Week for Life in their June 30th Prize Event. Think about how amazing it would be to receive a check for $5,000 every single week for the rest of your life. In one year alone, you’d have $260,000! And on top of that, the winner would get ONE MILLION DOLLARS ON THE SPOT! Think about what you would do with $1 Million. Now think about what you would do with $5,000 a week for life. Then combine those two thoughts and THAT’S what you could do with the Mega Prize!

You see, the Mega Prize is extra special because a winner would have the best of both worlds — One Million Dollars to start living the life of a Publishers Clearing House Millionaire right away! Then, weekly prize checks of $5,000 would allow a Mega Prize winner to keep living the high life! Wow, that’s a prize, of Mega-Proportions! Yes, Dave and Danielle of the PCH Prize Patrol could surprise you at your home with a check for One Million Dollars! And remember, that would only be the beginning! If you win, you’d still have weekly prize checks of $5,000 to look forward to – FOR LIFE! A Mega Prize winner could go ahead and splurge right away, because weekly prize checks for $5,000 would be in the mail!

So what would I do with $1 Million dollars PLUS $5000 Every Week for Life??


Well…. I would invest some of course (says my SUPER, and often un-listened to practical side) and would live off of the $5000 a week for life. I would also help pay my parents and Jay’s dad’s bills with that money.

As for the million bucks?? I would put some into accounts for the kids so that they would have a nice nest egg when they were older. I would also make sure my sisters got a bit (gotta share the love!), I would clear up any and all debt that Jay and I have, and I would place the biggest chunk towards my passion :: Animals.

There are never enough shelters, safe homes, and fosters available for homeless and abused pets. So many are euthanized each day while others are left in cages in for years just waiting for a forever home. It breaks my heart, and had made me passionate in spreading the word about adoption animals vs purchasing at pet stores.

I would love to set up an animal shelter … one that would take all dogs and cats regardless of their medical conditions, but one that would also take other animals that needed to be re-homed (horses, rabbits, etc).

If I had enough left over after building and funding my shelter, I would give Jay some money to peruse one of his dreams. He has always talked about opening his own hotel with an attached restaurant, and I would love to help him do just that.


What would YOU do if you were won the $1 Million plus $5,000 Every Week For Life Mega Prize!?

This post has been sponsored by the PCH. All thoughts are my own and 100% honest.

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    Dede says:

    It’s neat that you want to give toward animals in need. I, too, love animals.
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