Glow Bug Cloth Diaper Review #gbgreenfam

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I have always been in love with the idea of cloth diapers. Before E was born, I ran out and bought a ton of cloth diapers…. just about one of every single kind that you could put on a newborn baby. I loved them when they arrived and I couldn’t wait for E to be born so that I could put him in them.

And then he was born, and I struggled to use the cloth diapers. Some didn’t fit right, and I quickly got discouraged.

I would love to tell you that I stuck it out and happily cloth diapered for two years, but I didn’t. I quit. I am a cloth diaper quitter. I did go back to use cloth trainers when we potty trained, but I really regret not sticking it out.

When I first saw the Glow Bug Cloth Diapers I immediately fell in love with the bright, fun prints! When the opportunity arose to review one, I knew that I had to check them out first hand. Yes, E is potty trained, but I like to keep a few of the cloth trainers on hand for when he is sick. I find that anytime he has a cold, we end up with a wet bed that night, and this tends to make the sickness worse because of all the extra bed and clothes changing.

When the diaper arrived, I was very impressed with how colorful it is. It could easily be worn by either a boy or a girl, and after E is over his sickness caused bed wetting, I will be passing this along to a friend that is due to have her first baby in a few months. Even though she will be having a girl, the print will still be perfect!

E has a slim waist and some {mildly} chubby thighs :) I was concerned that this may be too tight around the legs but not tight enough at the waist but the snaps made it easy to get the perfect fit. We did use both of the inserts (one stuffed inside of the diaper and one placed on top of it) for the night that he was sick, and thankfully had no leaks!

I never thought I would like a snap diaper, but I love how easy it was to put on, take off, and get the perfect fit. Plus, the insert snaps into the pocket so it doesn’t bunch or slip out.

If we ever have another baby, I will definitely be using cloth diapers. Specifically Glow Bug Cloth Diapers. I love them, and wish that I had found them sooner!


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{I received a product sample from Glow Bug Cloth Diapers to facilitate my review as part of the Green Family Event. All opinions expressed are my own and 100% honest}

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