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MomVantage Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to the MomVantage Holiday Gift Guide!
We have 14 wonderful businesses featured and I cannot wait to tell you all about them! Make sure you scroll all the way through – you do NOT want to miss any!

Freckles Crafts

For unique, convenient, educational and fun craft kits for kids ages three and older look no further then Freckles Crafts! Each Freckles Craft Kit is a complete craft – with everything you and your child need right down to the glue stick! They have thought of everything. Each kit is hand packaged, and created with you and your child in mind. Freckles Craft Kits completely eliminate those (mostly unproductive) trips to the craft store, where you get home only to realize that you forgot an important item for you craft. And for those of you that aren’t sure what type of craft to do, Freckles Crafts has a HUGE variety, and has something for everyone.
About Rebecca:
Rebecca Cousins the Owner of Freckles Crafts, a company specializing in unique craft kits for kids.  She is also the mom of two funny, sweet, wild, and loving boys and wife to her husband of 11 years.  When Rebecca isn’t busy running a house and business she enjoys reading, crafting and spending time with her family.
Connect with Rebecca on Facebook and Twitter for more information about Freckles Crafts including; new product promotions, giveaways, and company updates.
Beautiful and original handcrafted Polish Pottery. Peacock Pottery is handmade from white clay, and painted and stamped by hand. Every piece is lead free, beautiful and unique. They are durable and extremely versatile – they will be your “go-to” dishes for both elegant dinner parties, and well as every day. They are “chip resistant” and can withstand the oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher. Meant to mix and match, you will be able to create your perfect, unique collection!
About Leah:
After living in Warsaw, Poland for almost 2 years with her husband, Leah developed a love of Polish Pottery. After starting a family, she wanted to use both her creativity and sales talents, and still stay home with her children. From this creativity, and love of Polish Pottery, Peacock Pottery was born! Leah is very passionate about the pottery, and she loves to add new patterns and products every year.

To keep up on the latest with Peacock Pottery, you can follow Leah on Facebook and Twitter. And for some great recipes, check out Peacock Pottery’s Blog.


What could be better than a piece of jewelry that looks great and keeps baby happy? The perfect gift for mom and baby! Dr Bloom’s Chewable Jewels are a unique line of safe teething jewelry that includes bracelets, necklaces and key chain accessories. Dr. Bloom Inc. is proud to be leading the trend in “safe mom” jewelry as well as giving moms practical fashion options. All products are: made from FDA approved materials; phthalate free; both waterproof and dishwasher-durable; and are officially endorsed by dentists nationwide.
Dr. Bloom’s Chewable Jewelry was founded by three female entrepreneurs, Dr. Helen Bloom Smith, DMD, Joy Bloom Wright and Mary Wheeler Settlemier. For the latest on these Chewable Jewels, you can keep up with the latest teething trends on Facebook and Twitter.
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Crafty Baby

Shopping for the baby, toddler or child in your life? Looking for a unique, handcrafted item? Look no farther than Crafty Baby! They offer beautiful, handmade items including nap mats, bibs, blankets, pillows, clutch balls, changing pads, Chenille Blankets and more! Perfect for baby shower gifts, birthday gifts, HOLIDAY gifts, nap time, rest time, play time – and just because. All specially made and designed by a very creative mother of three!
About Jill:
Jill founded Crafty Baby in 1998 with a love of sewing and a need for practical and durable children and baby products. During her first pregnancy, Jill discovered that there was a lack of unique, yet classic, fabric crafted items for young children. As a longtime seamstress and crafter, Jill decided to solve this problem, and Crafty Baby was “born”! All designs are one-of-a kind and crafted to ensure durability against both washing and active little ones! Jill’s family has turned Crafty Baby into a true, home based, family company by helping pick out fabrics and field test products!
For the latest news on Crafty Baby, you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.
***Crafty Baby is offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50***
Are you currently potty training your little man? If you are, let us help! The Potty Spray Guard is an essential addition to any family, Day Care, or Preschool, who cars for little boys and their potty needs! Works both as a spray guard in the front (to prevent leakage through the seat) and in the back (to prevent spray all over!), the Potty Spray Guard is an invaluable potty training tool!
About Jody:
When her first son was little and becoming more independent on the potty, Jody began to notice that his pants and the floor would be a little wet when he was done going to the bathroom. She realized that a little squirt was spraying out of the front of the toilet between the seat and the bowl and landing on either her son’s pants or the floor. Many years past, but Jody knew there must be a solution to this frustrating (and messy) problem. From this idea that she had carried with her, the Potty Spray Guard was born! This nifty little product quickly and easily attaches to the toilet, is portable and washable!
Looking for a customizable, unique gift? always B designs is the place for you! They offer custom stationary and gifts, including pre-made scrapbooks, invitations, announcements, business cards, note cards, decorated clipboards, and beautiful jewelry: domino necklaces, scrabble tile necklaces, and bottle cap necklaces. always B designs offers lots of different style on their website, or you can design one all yourself!
About Angela:
Angela loves creating, and fell naturally into a crafting hobby that eventually turned into a business. She started out with only stationary and scrapbooks, but has followed her creative streak and added many new items to her constantly growing product line.
For the latest new on always B designs, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Angela’s blog!
Do you struggle to get your child to wear their glasses? Are you sick of your glasses, but don’t want to spend the money on new frames? Ficklets is the product for you! Ficklets are the first interchangeable eye-wear charm hugger, and are designed to adorn eyeglasses with a fun, fresh twist. They offer fun designs for kids and more sophisticated designs for teens and adults. Ficklets will add new life and style to your old, tired frames, and will help change your child’s perspective on wearing glasses!
About Ros:
One day, while Ros was watching TV, her daughter Gem, walked into the kitchen and stood behind the breakfast counter. All that Ros could see of her was her eyeglasses. As she stared at them, she thought about how it was time to add some “life and color” into her “tired, old glasses”. It was then that Ros had her “a-ha!” moment. A short while later, Ros had a test pair that Gem wore to school. A note got sent home from school, saying that Gem had gotten tons of comments on her eyeglasses! Ros knew she was onto something great, and Ficklets has been growing ever since.
For the latest information on Ficklets, keep up with them on Twitter!
Keeping track of your child in a parking lot can be a somewhat stressful and daunting task. Things happen – kids don’t listen, you can’t find your key, you have more than one child to load in and out of the car. How do you keep an eye on one child while helping another, loading packages, or opening a stroller? A Parking Pal Magnet – that’s how! This magnet comes in multiple patterns, and had a preschool sized hand on it. You place the magnet on your car, and your child now knows right where they are supposed to stand and wait for you – they have a “hand” to hold and know right where to be!
About Denise:
Parking Pal Magnets was invented when Denise was trying to figure out a way to keep her kids focused while in parking lots to prevent them from wandering off or running out behind the car. She was so happy to see that it not only worked, but that her boys loved it! They now go right to their Parking Pal, put their hand on it, and chat with each other while Denise gets her youngest in and out of the car, or loads packages.

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For the latest news on Parking Pal Magnets, you can keep up with them on Twitter and Facebook!
Let the Gourmet Cupboard help you out with all of your cooking this Holiday season… and after! The Gourmet Cupboard features handmade gourmet mixes with all the dry ingredients that you need to make a fabulous meal! All you need to add is a few minutes of your time and one or two “wet” ingredients – and you will have a delicious meal in no time! Best of all? All of the mixes contain no MSG or preservatives!
About Melissa and Judy:
In 2001, after Melissa had her first child, she was looking to take up a hobby. She began to make baking and cooking mixes with her mother, Judy, and giving them to friends and family for holiday, wedding, and baby gifts. The mother/daughter team got such great responses, that they decided to try out new recipes.  They had so much fun experimenting, and eventually decided to try their luck on the craft show circuit. It was a huge hit, and the duo is now operating on a much larger scale. All mixes are mixed by hand, and there is definite family feel in everything that they do.
Check out The Gourmet Cupboards special Holiday line of products!


This is a one-stop shop for lots of great boutique items for parenting essentials, as well as baby and toddler products. Gagagougou is not your typical “baby store” and provided practical, top quality products, many of which have won awards or are celebrity favorites!  Whether you are pregnant, organizing a baby shower, buying for your little ones or simply shopping for a gift, they have something for everyone!
About Iris:
Iris is a proud WAHM that strives to provide her customers with products that will help make their daily parenting life easier. She offers a wide variety of products, and each one is tested out before it is sold to make sure that it meets her high standards!
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What every busy mom needs – a personal yoga and pilates trainer in your living room! Fit to Be Us is just that! They offer easy to do pilates and yoga videos, available day or night when you need them! They are super easy to follow, and accommodate all skill levels. They even have videos your kids can participate in!

About Bethany:

Bethany is your fitness instructor in all the Fit2B videos. She is certified through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and has been teaching classes since she was 18 years old. Bethany combines Yoga and Pilates in a way that is relaxing and invigorating all at the same time. She is laid back, and very easy to learn from.
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For the latest news and workouts from Fit2B, follow them on Twitter and Facebook!
Dawn is a Shaklee Representative that runs Living 4 Green Health. Shaklee is the leader in natural, safe products, and has been since 1956! Dawn features Natural, Green products that are not only good for you, but for the environment as well. There is something for everyone here- from baby products to household products and everything in between!About Dawn:

Dawn has been married to her high school sweetheart for 18 years, and they have two little boys ages 5 and 7. Just this past June, Dawn decided to leave her job in government to stay home full time and focus on her Shaklee business. She loves to help people live not only a healthier life with Shaklee, but to be able to show them how much money they can save in the process!

Barefoot Books offers beautiful books, activities, CDs, and more for you and your child to explore! Their products encourage children to explore, imagine, and create! Barefoot Books offers unique stories and beautiful artwork that will have your children begging to read more!

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Help your child experience happy journeys throughout childhood with fun western and international apparel and accessories for babies and children! Little Journeys World goes even farther than that to provide fun, yet functional “travel” items for the whole family!
About Caroline:
Caroline has a Swiss-American heritage and has had the pleasure of meeting many people from different lands, cultures and languages. Her love of culture clearly comes through in all of her product lines! Caroline started Little Journeys World in 2003 shortly after she became pregnant with her son, Stefan.
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We have lots of great companies with tons of fantastic products! And there is still MORE to come! We will have featured articles, lots of giveaways, crafts, recipes and more coming over the next couple of weeks!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!