Getting Ready for the Big Move!!

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We are moving!

Exciting, right? Well … exciting, nerve wracking, semi-stressful and busy. But that all comes along with the territory I guess.

We had wanted to wait until we could buy a house to move from where we are now, but we are out of space. We are currently in a 2 bedroom apartment with 2 kids, 2 adults, 3 cats and a dog. CROWDED!!

I found the cutest house – and best of all, it is HUGE.

There are 4 bedrooms upstairs {I finally get an office!} and a huge playroom downstairs. There is even an extra “mother-in-law” apartment area in the basement, which will be perfect for out of town relatives to stay in when they come for our wedding in May.

We should be getting the key on Thursday and getting in there to clean on Friday — Jay already has a list of things that we he is going to accomplish this weekend. On his mega long list? Washing walls, cleaning the kitchen, sweeping and moping floors, carpet cleaning, bathroom scrubbing {did I mention there are three of them?!}, paint touch ups … and this was about the point that I stopped listening to him.

I have been packing like crazy, and unpacking. I accidentally packed my blow dryer, and had to unpack 4 boxes to find it. But I must keep going! The boxes are piling up, moving day is moving closer, and I must be ready. Moving with kids is so hard – you have to be super organized and have everything planned.

Thank goodness Jay will be doing all the cleaning — and moving all the heavy items! :)

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    Sally says:

    Good for you!! We are looking for buyers like yourselves for our house. It seems like the right person will NEVER come along. We are busting out the seams too…so happy that you have found a great place! :)
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      Jessie says:

      Thank you! We are really excited to have a little more room. We are essentially living in 4 rooms, so it will be nice to not all be right on top of each other soon.

      It is so hard to find the “perfect” house! We have looked at a bunch, but I am kind of picky. We need at least 4 bedrooms – for two different reasons — I want an office and Jay wants another baby :) LOL As of right now, my office is winning. 😉 Plus, I want a yard. We looked at a few and I just didn’t like the yard. Plus I love an older house and Jay is more of a modern fan. As you can see – it is going to take us FOREVER to find one that we both like.

      Good luck selling your house! The right person will come along :) Or have you ever thought of renting your house out? We were looking into some rent-to-own properties, and it is still something we are considering in the future.

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        Sally says:

        I know how you feel! We have three children in a three bedroom house, 900 square feet. Bleah. It worked well when we had two children, but we are waaaay too cramped now.

        We are looking at a property with 4 acres, in the country, 4 bedrooms and over 2000 square feet of living space. Wow…that would be amazing if we could get it. All we are waiting on right now is an offer on our house. We’ve had LOADS of showings, but no offers. Soon, hopefully! :)

        We really couldn’t do a rent to own primarily because we could not afford to move unless we sold outright. That would be a great option if we could afford it though.
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    Rita Spratlen

    Congratulations!!!! Have fun!! I can hear your excitement in your words!!!

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      Jessie says:

      Thanks!! We are so excited! It will be so nice for everyone to have their own bedroom, and for us to spread out a bit. AND I am really excited to not have neighbors living above me for once. I have lived in a two family home (or apartment building) for the last 8 years – it will be nice to have it just be us for once :)