Easy, Tasty Lunch Recipes

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We often think of cooking as more complicated than is has to be. It is possible to create easy meals that are both filling and delicious. Here are three easy, tasty recipes for those who have little time for cooking.

1) Chick Peas and Baby Spinach

Salads are among the healthiest meals we can eat. We rarely have trouble eating enough protein and carbohydrates; vegetables, on the other hand, are often hard to incorporate. Further, salads often require a large number of ingredients and can be difficult to take to work.

A great salad to consider is chick peas and baby spinach. Topped with olive oil, this salad is a delicious meal that can be prepared in under a minute, and the chick peas make it more filling than many other salads. It also creates a great base on which to add other ingredients.

2) Lentils and Brown Rice

Beans and rice form the base of meals around the world. Experts rate it as one of the best meals because grains and beans combine to form what is called a “complete protein.” Beans and rice can make healthy recipes for lunch, and one of the easiest to cook is lentils and brown rice. This recipe can also be stored in the refrigerator to provide quick and easy lunches. First, boil a large pot with four cups of water. Combine 3/4 of a cup of brown rice with 3/4 of a cup of lentils.

Reduce the heat to a low setting and let it simmer for 45 minutes. Lentils and brown rice can be combined with cheese, spices or any number of different ingredients. Another option is to create tacos using sour cream, cheese and hot sauce while substituting the lentils and rice for beef.

3) Swiss vegetable soup

Soups are another great meal option. For those looking to lose weight, soups help eat slowly without eating too many calories. Swiss vegetable soup combines the health benefits of vegetables with the filling effect of cheese. The meal can be prepared in minutes; combine a cup of water with a can of condensed onion soup and a bag of frozen vegetables.

Cook with medium-high heat until the vegetables are hot and tender. Blend in one cup of four-cheese Alfredo sauce and top it with 3/4 of a cup of Swiss cheese and croutons. This meal allows you to experiment with new ingredients and spices.

Eating well does not have to be a challenge, and by finding easy, healthy recipes, it is possible to save thousands of dollars per year. Try these three recipes and others you find online.

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