Craft Boxes

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I am by no means super organized. I am not even kinda-sorta organized. No, my stuff is usually scattered in piles, a little here – a little there. My daughter is the complete opposite. She HAS TO know right where all of her things are, or there are big problems (read: HUGE meltdowns).

V loves to craft – she has tons of makers, crayons, scissors, paper, coloring books, beads, stickers, gems, glue, paint …. more things that I can even think of to list! It’s wonderful that she is so into something that is not TV related, but let me tell you, it is a total P.A.I.N. keeping it all together and ready to go when she is.

The solution? Craft Boxes!!

We got a few different containers – some clear plastic bins (all different shapes and sizes, some with handles, some without), a re-used baby shower gift bag, and an antique bread box!- and organized all her goodies into them. That way, when she wants to paint, we get the “Painting Box” or if she wants to color, the “Coloring Box”. Everything is right there, and ready to go.

They are super easy to store. You can put a label on the outside of each one (so they are easy to locate) and the simply stack on a shelf. Or, if like us, you use different types of containers, you don’t have to label them (as long as you can remember what’s in each one!). If you have a couple of bigger ones, you can keep them under the bed (such as a “Painting Box” – or anything with a large pad of paper).

As an added bonus, you know if you are going to run out of a supply because you can have everything for that activity in one place; and with each box for a specific activity, things don’t get misplaced or lost and you really know how much you have!

It really is great. We also have what we call a “Rainy Day Box” – or in our case, a “Rainy Day Baby Shower Bag” (we outgrew our box). In this “box”, I put little odds and ends, things I find around the house or outside, things I’ve downloaded off online, or little, special crafts I’ve purchased for us to do. I also put the leftover stickers or pieces from other crafts that we’ve done – beads, pipe cleaners, etc. This is a really fun box because she never knows what will be inside – it’s a complete surprise!

Our “Coloring Box” This box has EVERYTHING you need to color and do paper crafts – crayons, construction paper, markers, colored pencils, stencils, scissors – the Works!! My daughter loves when I take this box out (with a few coloring books) and I love how the bread box looks!

This is our paint/stamp/sidewalk chalk box. I grouped these all together because they are things that we don’t do often, and therefore don’t have much for them.

Our “Rainy Day Bag” – its super full! Right now it has princess cut outs (left over from a birthday party last year), foam stickers, pipe cleaners, TONS of stickers, cards, envelopes, paper, beads, elastic string, gems and lots more. Perfect for hours of rainy day fun!!

Our “Craft Shelf” We have a set of shelves in our office where we keeps the kids movies, games, puzzles and crafts!

These are the contents of our “Car Bag” – it’s a collection of mini coloring books and crayons, a small pack of crayons and markers and a coloring book and activity book. We keep these in a small bag in the car, so if we are ever on a long trip on stuck in traffic, the kids have something to do!
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