6 Tips for Tourists to Last in Rome

Rome is a city full of rich history, splendid ruins and structures and mouth-watering Italian food. However, taking necessary precaution and helpful tips for the tourist can guard you from any misfortune you may find along the way. So while you dress up in your Roman-inspired gladiator flats and maxi dress, know these 6 tips like the back of your hand when you tour in Rome. 1. Secure your valuables. Always keep an eye on your bag, especially if you’re {Read More}

Bucking Tradition: Contemporary Themes for a Christening

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Once you are old enough for your parents to justify showing embarrassing pictures of you as a baby to perfect strangers, usually in front of you, you are old enough to notice how traditional your christening really was. After going through a flat phase, the popularity of having a baby christened has recently been reinvigorated by the royal christening of Prince George of Cambridge. The sight of yourself as a baby in a white lacy gown may seem a little {Read More}

Get Active! Get Fit! Get Healthy!

Get Active

Your health is important. According to the National Institute of Health, an active lifestyle helps people remain healthy into old age, and moderate activity can even help alleviate the symptoms of certain chronic illnesses. Many people today feel rushed and busy. Unfortunately, being busy doesn’t mean that you’re getting enough exercise. If you feel as though you’re running from morning to night and yet you spend the majority of that time working a desk job, you probably need to get {Read More}

Battle of the Shops: Malls VS Souqs when Visiting Dubai

Dubai has two highly disparate personalities: on the surface, it is one of the most dramatic modern holiday spots in the world, bragging skylines and malls that are usually bigger and shinier than those in any other city in the world. The glitzy portion screams excess, with its own dynamic haute couture popping up in the largest mall in the world. Here, shoppers can browse through stores alongside titanic aquariums, majestic waterfalls, and light shows. Every brand a fashionista could {Read More}

3 Go-To Birthday Gifts for Men

One of the hardest things for me is shopping for Jay for any holiday, but especially his birthday. It is shortly after Christmas and Valentine’s Day, so by then, I am usually out of ideas and struggling to find the perfect gift for him. Over the years, I have found a few great gifts … and a few that I am sure he was only pretending to like Here are three that are always a huge hit! Something hobby related! {Read More}

A Nice Table Can Make All the Difference at a Tradeshow

Making handmade items is something that I have dabbled in for awhile, but I have never made enough to go to a tradeshow. I would love to have a “craft” that was able to be sold at a tradeshow, but I am just not there yet. Recently, I have been chatting with my mom about how to best sell my step-fathers newest project — some really funky and cool, upcycled art. To really help out, I have been looking up {Read More}

Keeping Tabs on Your Kids’ Browser Tabs


If there’s one thing we know about kids, it’s that they love pushing limits. Tell a kid that he or she can’t do something, and you get a kid who desperately wants to know why, and what could possibly be so compelling about that specific thing that makes it forbidden. Although it’s relatively easy to explain why some types of activities are unsafe, like “you can’t ride your bike without a helmet because you could seriously hurt yourself,” it’s often a {Read More}

Keeping Everyone Happy — The Benefits of Cruise Holidays for Families


Family life isn’t exactly easy at the best of times, so taking a break from the daily routine and going on holiday provides much-needed rest and relaxation. On top of that, it’s a great opportunity to spend some quality time together as a family and not have to worry about a thing. However, just like life back home, holidays can sometimes be stressful and demanding. Besides all the planning and preparation, you’ve got to keep the kids happy and entertained, {Read More}

Life Made Easy: Buying Wine Online


Who wants to trek to the grocery store these days just to buy a bottle or two of rosé? If you’re juggling a lot, be it the kids, work, your relationship and more, then you’ve surely discovered the joys of online shopping. Online shopping isn’t just for clothes and household goods these days — you can buy your favorite wines, often at a better price, online as well. Here are some of the many benefits of buying wine online: Price {Read More}

Shop Savvy with Kmart and Share the Word

This post brought to you by Kmart Share the Word. All opinions are 100% mine. Managing my finances is something that I am not all that great at. I am just not able to save, and can never seem to get the numbers to match up the way that I need them to. This is nothing new — I have never been able to manage money. My mom used to say that it would "burn a hole in my pocket" {Read More}