Toys That Help Your Child Learn and Grow Naturally

Children spend hours glued to technology. Movies, television shows, smart phones, tablets, and gaming devices are attention-grabbers for children, and many parents rely on this screen time to get things done. Unfortunately, there are many things that kids cannot learn unless they step away from technology and out into the world. For parents who would prefer for their children to learn and develop in a more natural way, Nova Natural has the products required to bolster imagination and help kids {Read More}

Don’t Let Ruined Credit Ruin Your Life

Good credit is as much a necessity to modern life as air, water, and food. It’s almost impossible to buy a home without it, and the few loans and credit cards you are eligible for can have really high interest rates that ultimately sap your finances. Unfortunately, the nature of the beast is that it can take a long time to build good credit, and a very short time to ruin it. All it takes is one bad decision, or {Read More}

Moving With Kids: Taking Time for Family

With all the excitement and responsibility that comes with preparing for a move, it can be easy as a mom to lose focus on why the decision to move was made in the first place. Whether your family is growing in number, needs more space, or a new job that requires you to relocate, everyone has some reason for moving. Moving is stressful. Spending money on moving is even more stressful. Remember that family is important and take time out {Read More}

Where to Next? — New York for the Whole Family

The Big Apple is an amazing place to take the whole family, with a range of attractions, museums, parks and family activities. Stuck for things to do is one thing that you won’t find yourself in New York. But with all this choice, how do you choose for entertainment between the museums, Macy’s, and Madison Square Garden? Don’t fear. Below is a list of selected family-friendly activities to make your decision making easier! Madison Square Garden With activities for kids every {Read More}

5 Perfect Personalized Gifts for Kids

Personalized gifts are gaining popularity among parents who are tired of the conventional and the mass-marketed. Your child is entirely unique, so why shouldn’t their presents be the same way? If you’re hoping to take this year’s birthday in a new direction, here are just five ideas for a personalized gift. 1: Art Supplies Kids love to create, and they’ll take even more pride in their work when their stickers, stencils and paintbrushes are customized with their name. It’s a {Read More}

5 Vehicle Care Tips

The weather can get rough in the Keystone State, so if you currently live and drive within its borders, it’s important that you take care of your vehicle. But what exactly does this entail? Here are five tips for Pennsylvania Toyota care. 1. Replace Your Tires When you buy a Toyota, you also get 24 months of road hazard protection for your tires. If you suspect or witness damage to your wheels, don’t hesitate to take them into the experts. {Read More}

How to Plan a Kid’s Pool Party

Swimming pools are tremendous fun. When the sun is beating down and the mercury is hitting 30 degrees, nothing beats an afternoon spent by the pool while the kids play games in the water and burn off some of their excess energy. Swimming pools are also very useful if one of your kids has a birthday in the summer – instead of paying a fortune for your child and his or her friends to visit a play barn for the {Read More}

Breast Cancer: The Aftermath

In 2013 more than 230,000 new cases of breast cancer were diagnosed and investigated. Of those patients, almost 40,000 of them were taken by the disease. The only cancer to take more women’s lives is lung cancer (source: Facing breast cancer is incredibly difficult. From suspicion to diagnosis to treatment to remission, the gamut of emotional, mental and physical turmoil you have had to deal with is astronomical. The Mental and Emotional Aftermath When you were first diagnosed with {Read More}

Summer Pool Safety Tips for the Family

Summer time is upon us and it’s time to put the family pool to good use. Having a pool in the backyard is such an awesome perk for you and the family. Being a pool owner means you don’t have to worry about it being overcrowded. Plus, the only “traveling” that needs to be done is the short walk to your backyard. Having a pool definitely has its perks. But let’s remember that in addition to having loads of fun, {Read More}

Top 10 Island Destinations in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is one of the most popular holiday destinations for people from all over the world. With year-round tropical temperatures, pristine beaches, gorgeous diving and snorkeling sites, and rich, varied wildlife, there are plenty of reasons why this is the place to be when you want to get away from it all. But with so many islands throughout the Caribbean, we have narrowed your choices down to the top 10 to make it easier to plan your dream trip. {Read More}