Rich, Creamy and Delicious Chocolate Fudge Sauce {Recipe}

I am the first to admit that I am not really a big chocolate syrup (or chocolate sauce) fan. Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate, but I was never overtly crazy about the bottled stuff and didn’t really miss not having it this past year. That is until I decided to make some myself! This is by far the best chocolate sauce that I have ever had, and I have drank at least a gallon of milk (all made {Read More}

Creamy Stovetop Mac and Cheese {Recipe}

Mac and Cheese is an all time favorite dish of mine. While I typically make a baked mac and cheese, there are times that I just don’t want to wait the extra 30 minutes for the cheesy goodness to be done. When those times hit, I make my stovetop version that is much better then the boxed stuff!! I have made this recipe so many times, and this most recent version – with the Pennsylvania Dutch Noodles – is my {Read More}

All You Need is Vinegar (Plus Mayo Recipe!) #HeinzVinegar

{I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Heinz Vinegar. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and as a thank you for participating.} I love vinegar. I really do. I have at least 5 different kinds in my pantry at all times, and add it to everything that I can think of that could use a little kick. Not only do I love to use vinegar when I cook, but I use it {Read More}

Quick and Easy Tomato Sauce Recipe

I have been making my own sauce for years now, and my recipe has grown and changed over time. I love homemade tomato sauce, but I don’t have the time or patience to let it sit and simmer for hours on end. This sauce is quick, easy, and doesn’t need much cook time to be delicious. This recipe is super easy to double, and to adapt. For example, if you prefer a thicker sauce, you can add a few tablespoons {Read More}

Easy Cheesy Lasagna Rolls Recipe

I was never much of a lasagna fan — too messy for me. But then I found this awesome recipe for lasagna rolls and was amazed by how easy they were to make, serve, reheat and eat. No big mess on your plate when you are trying to cut them up, and the kids love having their own individual little noodle roll. I adapted the recipe just a bit so that it worked for us, and I am super happy {Read More}

Homemade Creamsicle Ice Pops! Recipe

Okay, I guess I am going to be on a homemade Popsicle kick this summer (and homemade ice cream — I have an awesome recipe for that coming soon too!) and ya know what? I am totally okay with that!! I have really been craving some creamsicles lately, and decided that I just had to make one. So I did These are pretty delicious, and fairly easy to make. There is a note about the orange juice, so you can {Read More}

Delicious Homemade Fudge Pop Recipe

When I was a kid, fudge pops were my all time favorite summer treat. They were the perfect cross between ice pop and ice cream, and I could sit and eat an entire box if that had been allowed. Fast forward to present day, and I could still probably do that! I decided that this summer I would make most of the frozen treats that my family loves …. for a few reasons — the main one being I can’t {Read More}

Frozen Summer Treats: Fruit Ice Pops

On those long summer days it can be hard to keep cool when you’re spending time outside with the kids, even if you’re having a day at home, especially if you’re out and about burning off energy and working up a sweat! Now, while I don’t like my kids to eat too many sugary snacks, I do let them have an ice pop or a cold lemonade on a hot day. I’ve found that we can make it into a {Read More}

Apple Cider Doughnuts {Recipe}

I have been CRAVING a doughnut for months now, and just haven’t found the time to actually make them myself. But this past weekend, I just couldn’t stand it anymore – I had to have an Apple Cider Doughnut! Because of my delightful soy allergy, I couldn’t just go out and buy a doughnut (although I really did want to) so I started searching for recipes online, and found one that is pretty close to my local favorites! I adapted {Read More}

Chocolate Covered Strawberries {Recipe}

This year, Jay and I have decided to do things a bit differently for Valentine’s Day. We have decided to stay home — mainly because I can’t eat out at any of our favorite places anymore (darn soy allergy!). Jay is actually a little bummed about it. He usually brings me all of my favorites – beautiful flowers, dark chocolate covered strawberries, and then takes me to a nice dinner out. He knows that I really love going out to {Read More}