Canvas4Life {Review}

I take tons of photos. It may be a bit of a sickness — I have an external hard drive with over 15,000 digital images on it right now… all spanning from about 2006 until last month. (Please tell me I am not alone in my picture obsession!) While I try to pick my favorites to print out every now and again, I never seem to be able to get the image from my camera onto my wall. I get {Read More}

These Awesome Spring Days!

It has been a while since I have posted a Wordless Wednesday {or semi-wordless} and I was inspired to post tonight while looking through some of my recent photos. We have been trying to get outdoors as much as possible with the arrival of spring and nice weather, and I have been getting some really awesome shots!! Here are a few from our trip to the park last week…. And from our walk to the bus stop yesterday…   Interested {Read More}

DOUBLE Double Roll {Wordless Wednesday ~ Linky}

This gives a whole new meaning to “double roll” {Please leave me a comment and link up your own Wordless Wednesday post!}  

Days 10-12: Photo-A-Day Challenge #febphotoaday

Days 10 through 12 are as follows Day 10: My Dinner Plate My kids LOVE homemade pizza, so that is what we had for dinner! Yum Day 11: Gratitude This is a bit hard for me to capture in just one photo. I am so thankful for everything in my life – my kids, my parents, Jay, my pets, our home, our health… I feel truly blessed on a daily basis. So in stead of photographing everything that I feel {Read More}

Days 8 and 9: Photo-A-Day Challenge #febphotoaday

And somehow, I fell behind on posting these! So here we go, days 8 and 9! Day 8: Daily Routine My daily routine is pretty boring … I get my daughter ready for school, feed the kids, clean a lot, and basically run around like a chicken with my head cut off. I will spare you the photos! Instead, I will share a photo (that I didn’t take) of what I would like included in my daily routine. Day 9: {Read More}

Poetic Winter Photography Challenge: Solitude

When I first found out about the Poetic Winter Photography Challenge I was super excited! I am always looking for new reasons to take my camera out, and to be totally honest – the kids are sick of me snapping pictures of them constantly. Here are a few pictures that I took while out on a walk this week. While we haven’t had much snow this year (and none that has stuck around for more then a day) we have {Read More}

Day 7: Photo-A-Day Challenge #febphotoaday

Well Day 7 is supposed to be a photo of my hands… BUT my son wanted to be included in my picture taking SO here are our hands!   Want to participate in the challenge? Check out the full list of daily challenges! Already participating in the Photo-A-Day Challenge? Leave the link to your post in my comments – I would love to check out your pictures!!

The perfect place for a nap! {Wordless Wednesday ~ Linky}

My son has been falling asleep in some really odd places this week … the floor and sitting up included! When he woke up from this particular nap, he stretched and smiled, then told me he slept good. LOL {Please leave me a comment and link up your own Wordless Wednesday post!}

Day 6: Photo-A-Day Challenge #febphotoaday

Today’s (well yesterday – oops behind again!) Photo Challenge is a picture of the sky. I took this one a few days ago, and I just love how the trees look against the bright blue sky… what do you think? Want to participate in the challenge? Check out the full list of daily challenges!

Day 1-5: Photo-A-Day Challenge #febphotoaday

Okay – I had so much fun taking these pictures today!! Because I only discovered the Photo-A-Day Challenge yesterday, I have started a bit late. I am all caught up now, and plan to stay on track! Day 1: Self Portrait Day 2: View from my window I admit, it’s not much of a view. LOL Things are looking pretty drab outside around here. We don’t have any snow, but all the trees are bare. Day 3: Where I’ve Slept {Read More}