Salt Dough Ornaments {Awesome homemade gift!}

My daughter’s girl scout troop is making ornaments to take with them next weekend to the nursing home in our town. The girls are going to be caroling for the residents, and decorating a tree with homemade ornaments. My daughter had so much fun making these, as did all the other girls, that I wanted to share the super easy recipe with you. Salt Dough Ingredients: 1 cup table salt 2 cups all purpose flour 1 cup warm water   {Read More}

Halloween Projects

I am so excited for Halloween, I can hardly wait! We are planning on starting our decoration on October 1st, and we will keep adding to it as we make new decorations throughout October. I have been searching the past week for some great projects, and here are a few we are planning on doing! I LOVE this super cute Monster Treat Holder! Check out this easy to follow tutorial over at Freckles Crafts. I also really like these Ghost {Read More}

Let’s make some butter!! (in a jar)

I love fresh food, and of the best ways to have really fresh food is to make it yourself! Bread is something that I am pretty constantly baking in the winter, and there is nothing like fresh butter to go on top of a warm from the oven slice of bread – yum! My kids love to help in the kitchen, and my daughter is practically a butter making master. It is so easy, and fun, to make your own {Read More}

Great Craft Projects for Mother’s Day

I am a huge fan of the Family Fun Magazine, and I often make crafts that are listed on their website. They have a craft project for every occasion – and their Mother’s Day Crafts will not disappoint! Here are a few of my favorites – and some that V is begging to make! 1.) Love Note Flip Book – Mom: Here’s a gift that serves as a lasting reminder of your family’s affection: a flippable compilation of inspirations and {Read More}

Winnie The Pooh Easter Activities

I love Winne the Pooh! I still have some of my old VHS movies from when I was V’s age, and I always have fun sitting and watching them with her. I am super excited to hear that a new Winnie the Pooh Movie is coming out, and to share these fun Easter projects with you! Try decorating some of your eggs “Winnie the Pooh Style” and to keep the kids busy while the eggs are boiling (or being blown {Read More}

St. Patrick’s Day Wreath (Craft Tutorial)

Rebecca, the creator of Freckles Crafts, has come up with a WONDERFUL St.Patrick’s Day craft that is super easy and fun to make!! We had a blast making this wreath, and V is very proud to have it hanging in our kitchen! Enjoy!! St. Patrick’s Day Wreath We Luhuhuhuve St. Patrick’s Day.  The excuse to wear green, the pesky little Leprechauns that wreck havoc on our house, the parades, green food …oh sorry, got lost in thoughts of all the {Read More}

Reindeer Food

Each year, V and I make Reindeer Food! I mean, why should Santa get all the yummy snacks?! I wanted to share our super easy and fun recipe with you Reindeer Food You need: 1/4 cup Cheerios 1/4 cup Rice Chex 1/4 cup oats 1 Tablespoon sugar Red and green food coloring 2 small baggies, one large baggie (OR zip top bags) twist tie or ribbon Directions: Place the Cheerios cereal into a small sandwich bag. Add  about 10 drops {Read More}

Santa & Snowmen Bars (Holiday Craft)

I found this craft in one of my magazines (Martha Stewart Living) and I just LOVED it! Vi and I made a few, and they were so much fun (and super easy!!) Simply rewrap store-bought chocolate bars to make these cheerful little confections. Put your littlest elves to work making the fingerprint-stamped faces. Tools and Materials Chocolate bars Ivory, white, and orange text-weight paper Red vellum White pom-poms Glue stick Black, pink, and red ink pads Scalloped paper coasters Yarn {Read More}

What I’m Thankful For – Craft

In the spirit of giving thanks, my daughter and I are making a book – a “What I’m Thankful For” book. She went through tons of pictures, and took some of her own. She is also looking around for anything else that she would like to include. Once everything is gathered up, we will put it all together! We made one last year and it was a ton of fun. To make your own book you will need: 10 (or {Read More}

Fun Halloween Crafts for PreSchoolers

Kids LOVE to do crafts, and here are a few fun Halloween ones for you to do with your PreSchooler. My daughter LOVES decorating; any time there is a holiday, we make decorations. Halloween is no exception. Last week, we made a “haunted graveyard” with tombstones, ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, bats, and black cats. Here are some of the templates we used – (Courtesy of FamilyFun – check them out for more great Halloween crafts!)  She loved creating out “haunted scene” and {Read More}