DIY Heart Crayons For Valentine’s Day!

This year, I decided to take some of the crazy amounts of “old” crayons* that we have laying around everywhere and turn them into something new and useful. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought that heart shaped crayons would be the perfect solution. I gathered up one of our boxes of crayons, and got to work peeling the paper off. Some were whole and others were just broken pieces, I ended up using all the colors that {Read More}

A Writing Box for Christmas

{This post is brought to you by Grammarly. I use Grammarly’s plagiarism checker because my daughter hears everything and  she can’t keep a secret – I need to make sure all that private information hasn’t been published without my knowledge!} V loves to write, and her teacher actually sent home a letter about a month ago telling us that she was one of the best writers in her class. (Insert proud mom smile here). So I decided to make her {Read More}

20 Awesome Crafts for Kids!

Spring break, rainy days, and long summer vacations will be here before I know it. My kids have about a 50/50 chance of figuring out what to do on their own, and they spend the rest of the time saying “I’m bored” and asking me what they can do. I have decided to prepare for the seemingly unavoidable phrase “I’m bored” and I’m taking my inspiration from this month – which is National Craft Month – to start my planning. {Read More}

Printable Easter Cards! (Free Printable)

My kids are super excited for the anticipated visit from the bunny. They can hardy wait for the eggs to be hidden and for baskets to left in semi-easy to find places. But they are also excited for the big family dinner and the prospect of a fun and family filled day. To get ready for Easter (my daughters proclaimed “favorite holiday”) I thought we could make some fun crafts. We made some cute paper Easter Eggs a couple of {Read More}

Easy Christmas Crafts for Children

It is that time of year again.  You probably have endless gifts to think of and purchase, not to mention restless children to entertain.  Why not tackle both these problems with the same activity?  Finding the perfect gift for all your out-of-town relatives can be tricky, not least because shipping is so expensive.  Maybe the best way is to create a workshop Santa would be proud of.  You can entertain your children with crafting activities that can double as sweet, {Read More}

Pumpkin Carving Ideas and Inspiration {And Free Cutouts}

I love, love, LOVE Halloween. It is one of my favorite holidays. There are so many reasons to love Halloween, but one of my favorite things about it are all the pumpkins! We decorate both outside and inside with them, carve a few, paint a few, and we always roast the seeds (yum!). I usually buy a carving kit each year, but this year, I am going to print some great free templates that I found online. Here are some {Read More}

Easy Kids Journal

Kindergarten has just ended for my daughter and her first “official” summer vacation is here. While we have many fun activities planned for summer, I want to make sure that she doesn’t forget many of the skills she learned this past year. I really want to make sure that she keeps on writing and sound spelling so that she is ready to go when school starts back up in a few months. I have always loved to journal, and thought {Read More}

Easy Peasy Friendship Bracelets

My daughter loves to create anything. She is one crafty little lady! I am always on the hunt for new projects to do with her, and I was pleasantly surprised when my Gramma came over today and whipped a craft project out of her bag. As a child, my Gramma was the go to gal when you wanted to do something crafty, so it was a lot of fun for me today to see her teaching my kids a new {Read More}

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I am gathering up all of our craft supplies, finding some great projects, and crafting with the kids! My daughter loves to give Valentines to all of her grandparents, her Dad and step-mother, myself and Jay, her little brother, and just about anyone else that she can think of to make one for. She has also decided that she wants to make her Valentines for her class as well. PLUS we like to decorate the {Read More}

Lets all Finger Knit!

I have been plugging along on my resolutions, and one that I am doing pretty good with is learning to knit. I have been having so much fun with it that my daughter has begged me to teach her how to knit too. While she may be too young to use knitting needles, she is not to young to finger knit! Never tried finger knitting? You can see my post – Teach your Child to Finger Knit! – on the {Read More}