Bring on the Bubbles

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You cannot even utter the “B” word in my house without receiving tons of squeals, cheers, and lots of jumping up and down. What “B” word am I talking about? Bubbles of course!

Bubbles are on my kids top ten list of most fun things to do ever – they honestly cannot seem to get enough! They play with them non-stop until the bottle is empty, then they refuse to let the empty container be thrown out. They still like to play with it and pretend to blow bubbles. We still have an empty bubble bottle from last summer!

When a box of spring/summer goodies arrive earlier this week from Imperial Toys I knew the kids would flip when they saw what was inside. Two different kids of bubbles – each with really neat bubble “wands” – and some water balloons!

Check out all these awesome goodies!!

The Bubble Turbine with Super Miracle Bubbles looks perfect for E. He still has not mastered blowing a bubble on his own (the wand ends up pressed up against his lips — gross!) and he will love how easy this battery powered “wand” is to use. Plus, it makes HUGE bubbles which is sure to be a lot of fun!

We also got a Bubble Blaster with GLOW Fusion bubbles!! I had no idea that “glowing” bubbles existed, but I cannot wait to see these babies in action. They just sound fun. And I really like that you mix the Glow Fusion bubble solution yourself – V is going to love being a little “potion maker” with these.

When I was little, I loved water balloons. I am already plotting some fun water balloon “fights” and I know that the Cyclops Water Balloon Launcher will come in very handy! My least favorite part about water balloons is filling them – I rip more trying to get them off of the water spout then I successfully make. The Tie-Not looks like it is going to make this a lot easier! It attaches to the outside hose (no more running in and out filling balloons) and lets you fill and tie the balloon in just a few easy steps. I wish I had something like this when I was younger.

Unfortunately, we have all been pretty sick this week with a stomach bug, and we are having a nasty cold snap (it’s been in the 30s and 40s here all week) so we haven’t had a chance to play with these awesome toys yet. I am honestly just as excited as the kids are to get outside and play!

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