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One of my biggest challenges when it comes to blogging is staying organized. I can be a total scatter brain, and more then once I have realized that I have a deadline approaching at the VERY.LAST.MINUTE.

I have tried using regular planners, but I still find that I have a very hard time keeping track of all my deadlines and my blogging expenses. Plus, I would love to have a place outside of my email box to keep all my contacts.

I am so, so excited for my Blogging Success Planner to arrive!!

Available in two sizes, I decided to go with the “travel” size so I can keep it right in my purse. There have been many times when I have been out and I wanted to check a date on when a post was due only to realize that I delete the email from my phone. Super frustrating!

I am counting down the days until my planner arrives — Organization here I come!!

(P.S. – I’ll let you know what I think about it when it arrives :) )


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