Being Cautious on the Road (Reporting Drunk Drivers)

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When out on the town, there may be a time in your life when you will ask yourself whether you have had too much to drink in order to drive. In the 50 U.S. states anyone with the blood alcohol limit of 0.08 or higher is too intoxicated to drive.

Depending on various factors which may include your weight, or gender, the drinks needed to get to that legal limit can vary. According to Mother’s Against Drunk Driving (MADD) an estimated one million people are convicted of drunk driving every year.

The best solution to prevent drinking and driving is to stop it and think ahead before you even get in that situation.

Adults can designate a person in their group who will not be drinking and everyone with a safe mode of transportation home. Alternatively, just leave your car parked and take a cab home, and pick your car up the next day. Legal expert Darren Kavinoky, who has been featured in numerous television shows such as ‘The Insider’ for celebrity cases, says that DUI’s have consequences and that “in California, you can lose your license in your first offense.”

The law is even more extreme if you get a second DUI conviction in California. With a second drinking a driving conviction within 10 years you will have to spend no less than 90 days in jail and pay a hefty fine. Additionally you will have to surrender your driver’s license to the court.

Many states place interlocks on the cars of convicted drunk drivers which prevent the person from starting the vehicle if their blood alcohol level is above a pre-set limit. These devices save thousands of lives each year. Having a DUI on your record can have a huge impact on your life; therefore it is vital that we prevent drinking and driving before it starts.

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