Unlocking the Social Potential in Autism – Book Blast Giveaway!

To your dismay, your child has received a diagnosis of autism. Along with this alarming news comes the barrage of emotions that suffocates you like an avalanche— denial—confusion—depression—guilt. You want to fix your child; you have a million questions; and you want answers immediately. Autism is a journey in which the child and her family navigate challenges and experience achievements along the way. To guide you in this rewarding journey, Dr. Karina Poirier offers her expertise in this book that {Read More}

Keeping Tabs on Your Kids’ Browser Tabs


If there’s one thing we know about kids, it’s that they love pushing limits. Tell a kid that he or she can’t do something, and you get a kid who desperately wants to know why, and what could possibly be so compelling about that specific thing that makes it forbidden. Although it’s relatively easy to explain why some types of activities are unsafe, like “you can’t ride your bike without a helmet because you could seriously hurt yourself,” it’s often a {Read More}

A *belated* Happy Birthday


I’m not sure if many of you know, but it was my birthday on the 17th. And I turned 29. This is my last year as a “20-something” and I have some conflicting feelings about it. It’s not that I mind getting older… in fact, I still think of myself as a younger person. In my brain I still think I am in my early 20s. I guess it is just that I didn’t see it coming. Growing up, all {Read More}

#ImBornTo Capture Life


I love photography. I don’t know how good at it I am, but I love to have a camera, and I love to capture some great shots anytime I can. But it is so much more than that — I also have to have a way to print and save the pictures that I take, and a way to view them and edit them. In my life, I feel like I am born to capture it all! While I would {Read More}

Mascarpone “Cannoli” Cups

cannoli cups

Okay, I am going to give you a full disclosure, right now, up front — I have never eaten a “real” cannoli. I don’t really like ricotta cheese, and it has always turned me off from trying these, as my husband refers to them, “amazing desserts”. But, I did whip up my own version, and I put it in a mini pie crust cup just for good measure. And for the record — both my husband, and father in law, {Read More}

Hatley: perfect for gifts for others and for yourself!


Having nice clothes is something everyone wants. There are many retailers out there that offer interesting and unusual designs and Hatley is one of them. It stocks a range of different products for all types of people regardless of their interests. Hatley is known for its hand drawn doodled clothing designs. It makes shopping for clothes even more fun as there are so many cute items to choose from. It is a brand popular with children, but it does also {Read More}

Sharing the Love of Reading by a Warm Fire


Last winter, we had the privilege of enjoying a living room with a huge, beautiful fireplace. It was stunning, and actually took up the entire wall in our living room. We burned a fire ever night last winter, and we all had so much fun hanging out around it. The kids and I would read constantly curled up by the fire, and we even had a fun camp out one night — complete with roasting marshmallows! The biggest downside of {Read More}

Why A Limo is a Good Idea For Prom Night

Parents may be overwhelmed with the pomp and circumstance accompanying the upcoming graduation and prom season, and the costs may surpass what many have anticipated. Furthermore, many parents may want to give their children the autonomy of independent activities and participation yet with some safety parameters in place. One area that can ensure kids get to and from their planned events safely is through a reputable car or limo rental arrangement. This eliminates the worry of accidents and issues as {Read More}

Why I Love Frozen


Okay — I will admit it, I am a huge Disney fan. As a child, I loved the classic Disney Princess movies. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I watched Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid …. they were my favorites and I was so excited to introduce them to my kids as an adult. We watched my old Disney movies on VHS until our player broke, and I am slowly rebuilding our {Read More}

How do You Start Your Day Like a Super Hero? #SuperHeroing #CerealHeroes

big g cereal

{Thanks to General Mills for sponsoring today’s discussion. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.} Sometimes, the difference between boys and girls is super obvious. This was never more clear to me than when Jay and I found out we were having a boy. One of the first things out of Jay’s mouth was “I can’t wait until he is old enough to like Batman”. Jay has been a life long Batman fan, and his dream of having a {Read More}