Allergies, Reflux and Anxiety… My week of Panic

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So I know that I have been hugely slacking on the blog this past week. I am sorry!! I have so many great giveaways coming for you guys, and I have been so distracted with back to school and food related issues that I haven’t done anything at all… except sit around in my pj’s and mope.

I am really having a hard time with the soy allergy thing. Now we are starting to think that I may also have some type of reflux that was triggered by the soy. I have been talking to my mom about it (she, along with a few other family members, suffer from reflux) and she thinks that it is very possible. I have to set up an appointment with a doctor, but for now, I am just trying to deal with it.

But it’s hard.

There are very few things that I can eat. Soy is in EVERYTHING.

And some of the thing that I can eat, still give me the funny, tight feeling in my throat. It is so frustrating.

I had a terrible day on Tuesday. I had planned such a great day – it was V’s last day of summer vacation. We started the morning out with a big play date at the park, then came home for lunch. I ate two crackers while making the kids lunch, and within 5 minutes, my throat was tight, my tongue and lips were swollen and I was light headed.

I piled the kids in the car so that I could run up the road to Rite Aid for some Benedryl, and on the way, I had a sever panic/anxiety attack. My hands and arms got super tingly and started shaking, and I got really light headed. My vision was blurry, and I honestly thought I was dying.

I was totally panicked.

I called Jay because I was right down the road from his work. He asked if I could make it there, and thankfully I did. I had to call my mom to talk to though because I was FREAKING out and needed to have someone know what was going on. I did have to pull over for a second for some deep, calming breaths.

Jay drove me to the local on call (I don’t have insurance, so I didn’t want to go to the hospital) and thankfully they were great. They got me right in, gave me medicine and calmed me down. I was still shaking and freaking out. They said it did look like an allergic reaction, but that the panic attack had made the symptoms seem worse.

V was terrified, and it has carried over into her first week back to school.

She has had a stomach ache everyday at school because of her nerves. She was anxious about starting back and meeting her new teacher, and she has been very worried about me. I have tried to reassure her, but she is still stressed. I am hoping that she will calm down a bit this weekend, and next week will be easier on her.

I have been a bit depressed over the whole food allergy issue. I feel like I cannot eat anything because everything makes my throat tight. It is such an uncomfortable feeling that it makes me afraid to eat anything. I have never dealt with any type of allergy, and it would be an understatement to say that I am handling it well. I am letting my stress and anxiety get the better of me, and it is really dragging me down.

I am trying to get a handle on it, and improve my outlook … but it is hard. I ate great yesterday — lots of fresh, raw fruits and veggies, brown rice, and “real food” … and by the end of the night, my throat was tight, uncomfortable and it was hard to swallow. I just feel like no matter what I eat/do its wrong when it comes to this. And while my mom assures me that I cannot all of a sudden be allergic to everything under the sun, I cannot help but to think that (hello anxiety!). I know that she is right, but the feeling is still there and it still freaks me right out.

So here is to taking it one day at a time.

Any allergy and/or reflux advice is greatly appreciated!!

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    Amanda says:

    If you’re having reflux issues and trouble swallowing when you eat, you might want to look into eosinophilic esophagitis. Food allergies usually also play a part in this as well. My younger son has EE, and we thought he had reflux for years, but it’s looking like it was probably the EE and his multiple food allergies at play. This site I’ve found to be a pretty good resource to start if you’re feeling overwhelmed by allergies. There are areas where they show you what you can use to substitute, what foods and even non foods contain the allergen, and a lot more.
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  2. 2
    terri morgan says:

    reflux can trigger asthma attacks too.

  3. 3

    I am so sorry you are going through this! I have no advice, I haven’t had allergies since I was a kid. They usually show up while I’m pregnant sometimes too, (weird right, only allergic while pregnant, but whatever hormones).
    Just keep taking it a day at a time. I would make sure you have a well established supply of benadryl on hand so you don’t have to make any trips to the store while suffering.
    Poor V, I can only imagine. Just keep hugging her, and assuring her that things are ok, and be her listening ear to let out any of her worries.
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