I am a 20-something year old stay-at-home mom with two wonderful, crazy, funny, amazing children.

My daughter, V, is 6 going on 16! She has an opinion about everything, and is the most loving and kind little girl that I know. V is incredibly witty, very smart, and has a contagious laugh. She is a phenomenal big sister to E, who just adores her. My son, E, is a rambunctious 3 year old with an eye for trouble and a love of adventure. He is a very sweet, loving, and funny boy with a fabulous imagination. He can often be found shooting webs as Spiderman or howling and causing trouble as a {very cute} werewolf. He loves to play with his sister, and they really enjoy the mischief that they get into together.

Life with two kids is always an adventure! They keep me on my toes and are always making me laugh. We have two cats that add to the fun, craziness and constant activity that is our home. Last year, we adopted a year old dog that has quickly come out of his shell and established his place within our family. Our newest addition is a 9 week old kitten, that I have been raising by hand since she was 2.5 weeks old. {Update! We now have two new pets!! A cat that we adopted from a family member that could no longer keep him, and another dog that we are still getting to know.}

It isn’t always easy being a mom, but it is the most rewarding adventure of my life.

Jay and I are recently married, and figuring out a new dynamic and faze in our lives. While being married hasn’t changed our living situation, it has definitely brought our relationship to an entirely new level.

We are currently in the process of going “green” – so you will be hearing much more about our trials and successes in living a more eco-friendly, healthy life. Things changed slowly for us, starting with our food (when I found out I was allergic to soy last year) and now expanding into our cleaning products, kids toys, furniture, and more.

Get to know more {slightly random facts} about me through my 101 Things post 🙂

About MomVantage:

MomVantage is a family friendly blog that strives to provide exceptional reviews, giveaways and information on the best products available for moms and their families.

The products we review are all family friendly and are geared towards use with toddlers, preschoolers and little kids, as well as some special ones just for moms and around the house! We haven’t forgot about Dad or the family pets – we feature products just for them too.

Family is so important and we want to encourage quality time and bonding among family members, and post tons of fun craft projects to do together! We have lots of kid-friendly (and approved!!) recipes – most of which can be made with a helping set of little hands.

In addition to this, there are also personal stories, some of my favorite photographs and helpful parenting resources.

Here is a small sample of brands that I have had the privilege to work with this past year. While this is no where near a complete list, it will provide an overview of this site, and some of the amazing brands that I have worked with.


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