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I love my iPhone. I can admit it … I am just a tiny bit very attached to it. I carry it with me everywhere, and my kids use it almost as much as I do. Because my kids use it so much, and because I am pretty klutzy, I always keep a case on my phone. Plus, I love that I can easily change the color of my phone by just changing the case.

I had never given much thought to the amount of radiation that is emitted from my cell phone … I guess that I have had a cell phone for so long that I never really considered the potential health concerns that could result from it. But once I found out about it and started looking into it more,  I actively began looking for a way to protect myself and my children.

Pong offers a stylish and practical solution.

Pong has created an iPhone case that actually directs potentially harmful radiation away from your body and out the back of the phone. Best of all — it does this without interrupting your cell phone signal (it actually improves your signal and your battery life!), providing peace of mind while you chat on the phone or play games.

My first impression of the case was that I loved the color. The deep purple color is very pretty and gives my phone a splash of color yet still lets it look like a “grown ups” phone. The soft touch case is just that – super soft feeling. While you know the case is plastic, it doesn’t feel like it. It is very silky feeling, and even my daughter commented on how smooth it felt.

The biggest thing that I noticed about this case was how thin it is! I really like that it doesn’t add a ton of bulk to the phone … it is easy to slip into my pocket, or into a small pocket in my bag. I was a bit concerned about how thin it is because I do tend drop my phone… a lot. I have been known to get out of the car with the phone in my lap resulting in a crash on the pavement. My kids drop my phone pretty regularly as well.

While I have been using the original case with no problems, I was excited to try the more “kid and clumsy mom” friendly Pong Rugged Case!

I was lucky to get this fabulous purple Rugged Case to check out as well, and I must say that I am in love! It is super stylish and very sturdy. It has the same great purple color and soft feel of the regular case, but it also has rubber around the sides to cushion it from drops.

Let me tell you – it really works to protect my phone. Both my kids and I have dropped it a few time since it has arrives, and neither the case nor the phone were damaged.

I love this case, and I plan on getting a few more — one for Jay’s phone (he drops his multiple times a day – and one for the iPad. I did pass the original Pong case onto my mom. She is super careful with her phone, and she loves how lightweight, smooth and small the original case is.


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{I was provided with a complimentary product to review. All opinions expressed are my own and 100% honest}


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