5 Tips to Get Your Kids Brushing!

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Last week, I told you a little bit about the germs lurking in your bathroom and the Oraline Toothbrush Sanitizer. Now that we all have clean toothbrushes, I wanted to share some of my “secrets” for getting my kids in the bathroom and actually brushing every day! Some days, they are great – they wake up, get dressed and brush their teeth without me asking at all. Other days… not so much.

Here are my 5 go-to tips for getting my kids (and yours!) to brush without a fight :)

1.) Use a special toothbrush!! My kids get so excited to see their new toothbrushes (which they get every three months). I always try to pick out a fun design that I know they will be excited over. I love the personalized toothbrushes from Oraline — both of my kids were thrilled to see their faces and names on their new toothbrushes.

2.) Make it a competition to see who can brush fastest/longest/silliest. Some days, my kids just don’t want to brush. When that happens, all three of us go to the bathroom and see who can make the silliest faces while brushing. It’s tons of fun, and gets them to brush their teeth without having to fight.

3.) Use a timer! We have a Twooth Timer and we all love it. It runs for 2 minutes, and the kids love to watch it tick and spin as they brush their teeth. Plus, they take turns settings it (which is always fun).

4.) Use a reward system. Sticker charts have been wonderful in our house! My kids love to see their progress during the day, and brushing their teeth is usually one of the first stickers/stars they get for the day.

5.) Use a great tasting toothpaste. My kids do not like mint toothpaste and refuse to use it. They prefer fruit flavor or bubble gum flavored toothpaste.

What are some of the ways you get your kids to brush their teeth?

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