Called Out to Look After the Kids? Ways to Pay the Bills While Taking Care of Home

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Ugh! You just got a call from the kid’s school and they’re not feeling well. Unfortunately, this means you’re going to have to take some time off from work. Unless you have an arsenal of sick or vacation days saved up (which most moms don’t), you’re going to feel your absence from work when payday arrives. This is especially true if your little one has something like strep throat or the flu which could keep them out of school for a week (or more).

Sure, your first obligation is to the health and well-being of your child. That doesn’t mean everything else comes to a halt. You still have to pay the bills and put food on the table. Money may be tight for the next few weeks, but there are some things you could try to make sure the bills are taken care of while you nurse your little one back to health.

Tap Into Your Emergency Savings

Hopefully, you’ve been setting money aside for a rainy day. You can use the money you’ve been saving to tide you over until you’re able to return to work. Just be sure to budget to replenish your account because you never know when you might need to dip into it again.

Apply for a Short-Term Loan

When the bills are backed up and your savings is short, one of the first places to look for relief is a loan. Even if you don’t have the best credit in the world or collateral, there are still lending options available to you. Short-term installment loans for bad credit are easy to qualify for. Simply fill out the online application to get as much as $1250 deposited into your checking account within a business day. You can set up low monthly payments that fit into your budget so you don’t have to max out on your next paycheck.

Look to Your Side Hustle

Here’s where having more than one stream of income comes in handy. Side hustles are fairly common these days and can help with everything from giving you some extra gas money to putting food on the table. Once you’ve tucked your little one in bed, hit the computer and look for ways to earn money on the side. Answer surveys, write blogs, post on social media, or design websites and get paid for it.

Charge It

Although going further into debt shouldn’t be your first option, it may be the only option you have at the moment. If things are really tight and you need some cash, you can simply charge it to your credit card. Once you’ve returned to work, make sure that you repay the credit card in full to avoid ruining your credit or going further into debt with interest.

Bring Your Work Home

There’s so much technology these days that you could very well bring your job to your house! Depending on what kind of job responsibilities you have, you could take some of your work home with you so you can still get paid. Talk with your supervisor and human resources to determine if this is possible. With access to applications used in the office and files, you could actually make more progress at home than you did at your desk.

Talk it Out

If your bills are really creeping up on you and you won’t be back at work anytime soon, it’s best you talk it out with your creditors and service providers. Explain your circumstances and try to negotiate a hold on the payments, a new payment date, or an arrangement to get caught up once you do return to work. Trust that it’s a lot easier to work with your creditors and service providers than it is to ignore them. They will most certainly try and help any way they can to reduce your out of pocket costs while you’re tending to your family.

A mother’s job is never done. When your child’s health isn’t the best, you’ll need to be right by their side. If it’s going to cause you a problem financially, there are some routes you can take to make things easier. Each of the above-mentioned ideas will get you the cash you need to tide you over until you return to your other full-time job.


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